High Temperature Electronics Manufacturing Webinar

Bob Willis at Southern Electronics_tmb Visitors to Southern Electronics will be very familiar with Bob Willis through his excellent free technical seminar presentations.

On Wednesday 27th November 2.00 – 5.00pm UK Time, Bob and a host of expert speakers will be running a High Temperature Electronics Manufacturing webinar, covering numerous aspects of high temperature production techniques.

Bob Willis introduces the webinar below:


When we start to talk about high temperature electronics it’s not the solder it’s all of the parts that make up an electronics product. Substrates, components, connectors, cables, solder and assembly process need to be examined. Working at high temperature means between 150-200C, however, there are many applications that have to work at much higher levels, up to 300C. Typically the industries affected by these hostile working conditions include, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and military

This online technical webinar will be held on between 2.00–5.00pm UK Time. By booking one place one or a group of engineers in a conference room can participate in this event making it an extremely cost effective educational session

Speakers may include:
Finbarr Waldron – Tynall National Institute, Ireland
Oil, Gas, Space, Automotive & Military Applications and product requirements
Dr Chris Hunt – National Physical Laboratory
Solder alloys and test techniques
Dennis Price – Merlin Group
PCB substrates and surface finish for high temperature operation
Bob Willis – Chairman
Soldering process options and defect types

Speaker Topics may include Oil, Gas, Space, Automotive & Military Applications; Reference books, specification and standards; Product temperature range; Component compatibility;PCB substrate choices & specifications;Soldering alloy choices; Assembly & soldering options; Reliability Assessment & testing; Final coating or potting options; Failure modes

The seminar will last approximately 3hrs, with different presentations every 30min, including a question and answer session. There is no need to miss any of the speakers as registered delegates can select any of the presentations to watch live on the day or online at their leisure after the event at a time that is convenient to them.
Delegates will also receive a copy of all of the slides presented by the speakers
The seminar will be organised and chaired by Bob Willis who is well known in the industry for running manufacturing workshops at industry events worldwide and regular webinars with NPL, SMART, IPC and SMTA

To find out more and book your place, Click Here For a full listing of all of webinar topics available through www.bobwillis.com and services for defect analysis please Click Here


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