Problem-solving, Lean thinking

The question every business manager asks at some point, is “How can we get more out of the business?”

Automotive Lean Consulting (ALC) specialises in helping companies to identify waste, engaging stakeholder teams in problem solving workshops, and driving Lean thinking through all areas of your business.

Lean is all about maximising the value in your business by minimising waste. But what do we mean by value and what is waste? Value is everything that you do in your business that precisely matches your customer requirements. All other activities should be considered as waste and should be reviewed, minimised or removed where possible. But how do you make this happen?

ALC founder, Tim Scurlock, is hosting a seminar session Wednesday (11.15am, Seminar Room 1) and Thursday (1pm, Seminar Room 2).

Taking Lean principles from its origins in the automotive industry, ALC works with manufacturing and service industries, challenging legacy processes, engaging teams in driving innovation and building sustainable change through training and coaching.

Tim talks about Lean, with examples drawn from manufacturing and service industry; demonstrates how making waste visible and applying Lean tools can transform a business – driving efficiency, adding profitability and making them more rewarding places to work.

If you can’t make either seminar, visit Stand B32 during Southern Manufacturing 2016, “to find out how to do more with less”, says Tim.


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