Cosel celebrates £500,000 order taken on stand at Southern Manufacturing 2016

Nick Theodoris, Euopean Sales and Marketing Director, Cosel Europe, is happy that he has solved a visitor’s power supply dilema at this year’s show.

A new customer signed a contract for £500,000 at the show, when he saw the company’s switch mode power supplies that were a perfect fit for a broadcast application. The power supply already being used was not able to meet all of the specific requirements for this project. The visitor to the company’s stand (L2) saw a standard catalogue product, that was just what he was looking for. He signed an order for the 2.5kW, 1U high switch mode power supply (SMPS) which has unusual characteristics, such as a wide output range, adjustable from 48 to 0V (whereas typically supplies have a tolerance of +/-10%). Added to this, the input range was narrower than the conventional supplies, offering 170 to 264V, which met the design application’s requirements.

In addition to solving the initial design problem, the SMPS also meant a cost saving compareing with the existing power supply, Nick says. This is one success story for the company at this year’s show. Nick continues: “We have had over £1million of enquiries in the first two days,” adding that 95% of those were from new customers.


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