Reality of Mirage means half the cutting time

Cutting cycle tims are halved with the Mirage carbide tool from Quickgrind (Stand P61). The tool halves cutting cycle times for titanium 6Al-4V.

The company says customers dealing with a variety of challenging materials have discovered improvements and leaner manufacturing processes can be realised by combining its tools with the company’s tooling performance consultancy service.

Managing Director Ross Howell explains: “Our products are internationally renowned, but we do much more for our customers than sell them great tools. With our team’s technical knowledge, applications expertise and understanding of the very latest machining strategies, we can look at problems from every angle, identify or create the perfect tool for the job and advise on how to use it in the most profitable way.”

In tests, titanium 6Al-4V was machined using a Quickgrind 4 flute 12mm diameter Mirage tool, at a cutting speed of 180m/min and with a feed rate of 2,200mm/min. The hardwearing tool maintained its performance through as much as 450 minutes of contact time. The tools have also been test on Inconel, Hastelloy and ‘S’ specification materials, as well as high-grade stainless steels.




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