Yamaichi launches Kelvin Test Contactor for QFN, SOP and QFP

Yamaichi_Electronics_YED274 Kelvin TC_press RGB_tmbYamaichi Electronics presents Kelvin test contactors in QFN, SOP and QFP packages for use in the lab and on the test floor.

Modern consumer devices such as smartphones rely on the high integrity of semiconductor component function. For the semiconductor manufacturer to be able to guarantee that functionality, the test equipment has to be correspondingly powerful. Yamaichi says that its new test contactors with Kelvin pins ensure that these IC components can be tested reliably.

The YED274 Kelvin test contactor series is a wide spectrum of products. The test contactors, with Kelvin fine-pitch pins, are available as test sockets with fixed covers for manual component testing, but also in different variants adapted to the component handler for volume testing.

The fine-pitch Kelvin pins are used for QFN, SOP and QFP components. To ensure the reliable contacting of component pad alloys, the pin plungers are made of hardened steel with a palladium or gold surface. The pin force of 28gf breaks reliably through the oxide in the temperature range from -55 to +150 °C. The service life of the pin is enhanced by a contact resistance of ≤ 50mOhm.  The YED274 Kelvin series includes many useful features. The test contactors for automated volume testing can be adapted for nearly any component handler.

See Yamaichi Electronics at Southern 2017 or visit www.yamaichi.eu for more information


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