Vertical lifts have four-wheel drive system for reliability

Randex preview edit_tmbAutomated vertical lifts from Randex are claimed to offer the biggest, fastest and strongest automated storage systems available on the market. The Compact Lift’s rack and pinion four-wheel drive system ensures unrivalled levels of reliability, claims the company. Its software links machines to the host workload management system (WMS) for gains in efficiency and stock control.

At Northern Manufacturing 2017 the company will showcase its turnkey solutions designed to maximise storage efficiency. It also offers consultancy in every stage from initial project planning and design, through installation and testing, to integration, and ongoing support.

Systems are designed to support speed of picking. The Compact Twin can handle two trays at once. While the operator is picking from one tray, the extractor is already retrieving the next. The introduction of picking technologies and controlling the operation with software allows customers to use lifts to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Bespoke machine design is possible. The company has delivered many projects where machines have been designed specifically to fit specific products. This has led to the development of Compact Deep machines with trays up to 1,600mm deep, and the Compact Wide machines used for storing tubes or extrusions, with 6,500mm wide trays.

For heavy duty products, Compact Lifts can store up to 1,500kg on one storage tray. These machines can be a storage option palletised goods. The systems can be fitted with forklift loading supports to guide operators though the loading or picking process safely and efficiently. For slightly lighter parts, there is a telescopic 100% extraction system which extracts the tray from the access opening, allowing goods to be lifted with an overhead crane.

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