Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology redefines strain gauge measurement

ESI Technology preview edit_tmbSpecialising in the design and manufacture of pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, ESI Technology was established in 1985. At Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 the firm will highlight specialist applications using sensing technologies such as an innovative silicon-on-sapphire strain gauge.

Expertise in such a niche field means the team is able to analyse and interpret customer specific requirements and create a product that meets – and often exceeds – the exact needs of the application in order to eradicate any compromise from the customer.

The most outstanding developments from the company are the silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology and the new GD4200-USB digital pressure transducer. Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology has redefined the performance capability of pressure measurement instrumentation in the industry, says the company. It demonstrates excellent insulation properties, performance with high over-pressures and virtually no hysteresis, repeatability and chemical compatibility.

The GD4200-USB makes pressure measurement simple and portable, reducing the need for expensive data loggers. It has all the advantages of silicon-on-sapphire, sample rate of 1000Hz and is available in ranges up to 5000bar. Supplied software features the capability of measuring multiple inputs and also customised test certificate generation.

The company’s portfolio has solutions for applications in oil and gas, subsea, aerospace, defence, hydraulics, depth/level, hazardous area, automotive, process and industrial, test calibration and OEM markets.

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