Learn 3D CAD trends with Ansys SpaceClaim

AnsysSpaceClaim-preview edit_tmbLearn about the latest trends in 3D CAD software at the Ansys SpaceClaim stand. Visitors can also see engineering simulation tools that provide instant feedback on performance of any design.

While 3D CAD continues to become more accessible to all, simulation tools that provide insight to a design’s performance have historically struggled with adoption. Now, Ansys has coupled the power of SpaceClaim’s rapid geometry creation, editing, and repair with a simulation tool that gives instant answers. The tool lets an engineer explore an open design space, ask ‘what if’ questions, and test several design iterations in near real-time. Imagine being able to make a geometry change to a CAD file, and instantly knowing the resulting change in performance? The Discovery Live technology makes this possible. It takes advantage of the latest GPU technology to make engineering simulation instant.

Learn about the technology, customer success stories and see the product in action.

Meet Ansys SpaceClaim on stand K170