Packaging and finishing remains competitive

Reel Service Ltd_tmbProviding complete component solutions for device manufacturers, distributors, contract assembly providers and end users, Reel Service has been providing quality component packaging and finishing solutions for 31 years. Continuous re-investment in leading automated equipment maintains the company’s competitive advantage in order to provide fast, efficient tape and reel of customers’ components with minimal lead-time, it says. 

As a partner in Europe for tape and reel service and short lead-time standard and custom carrier tape, it provides SMD tape and reel, bare die / CSP tape and reel, device programming, bake and dry pack, laser marking, component lead crop and form.

It also offers all materials required to support the tape and reel process including short lead-time carrier tape (standard and custom), cover tape (hot and cold seal types), plastic reels seven, 13-, 15- and 22-inch diameters, moisture barrier bags, desiccant and humidity indicator cards.

For users looking to perform tape and reel in-house, the company also offers class-leading fully automated tape and reel equipment from semiconductor technologies and instruments (STI) for tape and reel from tube, tray, wafer / film frame or bulk / loose. Integrated inline mark quality, orientation, lead/ball geometry and surface inspection detect cosmetic defects such as scratch, chip and surface contamination.

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