EMC materials offer protection

Kemtron Preview edit_tmbBelieved to be the UK’s largest manufacturer of EMC materials, Kemtron offers a complete range of EMC gaskets, EMC ventilation panels, shielded windows and conductive adhesives.

The first level of EMC shielding is PCB design, however despite best efforts, the enclosure will usually need some form of shielding in the enclosure seams and openings, such as doors, windows and ventilation. It is imperative that EMC for enclosure design is considered at an early stage. Consideration should also be given to the environment the equipment will live in, as dust and water sealing can be incorporated into the EMC gasket. Types of gasket suitable for enclosure applications are conductive fabric over foam, knitted mesh or combination gaskets for really harsh environments. Beryllium copper fingers are suitable where high performance is required.

For smaller enclosures or machined parts, the most cost-effective method of providing an EMC/environmental seal is to use a conductive O ring in a groove, conductive elastomers are silicones or fluorosilicone filled with highly conductive particles. Where there is insufficient land to put a groove, the gasket can be directly applied to the surface with conductive form in place, this is a conductive elastomer paste applied through a syringe by an XYZ robot.

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