Store and charge devices via the cloud

smartboxx-review_tmbManufacturer and distributor of store and charge solutions for mobile devices, Nuwco, showed TechGuard Connect featuring Bretford Connect, a cloud-based web portal on the Smartboxx stand. It allows for real-time locker management from anywhere, says the company.
The system raises the bar for management and tracking of assets, says the company, with a cloud-based service that enables remote locker management capabilities from anywhere.

TechGuard Connect paired with the cloud-based management software supports remote locker management from anywhere in the world. IT administrators are able to access real-time locker statistics, remotely unlock bays, and provide a full audit trail through data logging.
Software and firmware updates can be done remotely.

There are RFID card or keypad options to manage devices. To help create an audit trail, RFID access allows facility managers to monitor locker usage. The ability to check devices out and back in again is coming soon for enhanced accountability, says the company.

The lockers have 10 bays, RFID or keypad user access, wired or wireless data, and AC or USB power options to charge devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. There is also a selection of colour and branding options.

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