Finishing media selection optimises processes

Rosler-reviewA pre-condition to achieving, consistent and cost-effective mass finishing results is choosing finishing media that is adapted to the component geometry, material and the finishing process. The key to selecting media is combining the best possible ratio of grinding performance and wear rate. With approximately 15,000 ceramic and plastic based media types, Rösler claims to offer the largest portfolio of mass finishing media in the world.

The media program is consistently high quality due to the numerous quality control procedures throughout the production process, says the company. This begins with the selection and control of eco-friendly raw materials. Raw materials for ceramic media are specially formulated, ensuring optimum performance at the lowest possible wear rates. Shaping of the media takes place in pug mills designed and built by the company. The results are not only the tightest tolerances in the market but also high process stability for any mass finishing application, says the company.

For the production of plastic media, the company uses raw materials which achieve such a fine finish that the components can be treated to a mirror polish in a subsequent dry polishing process. Mixing the raw materials continuously allows quick and precise product changes on the production line.

A new plastic media production line has doubled annual production capacity of 5,000 metric tons per year. The new plant, currently under construction will make the production process even more flexible and faster, raising the benchmark for stable, repeatable and cost-efficient mass finishing processes.