Tube bending machine suits prototype volumes

Unison review_tmbTube bending custom products, tailored to specific customer requirements, account for a significant proportion of the Unison business, for aerospace, automotive, marine, oil and gas, energy and bespoke products.

Showcased at this year’s show was the EB1000, high precision, CNC controlled manually operated bending machine, suitable for bending tubes up to 16mm. It is suitable for low volume production and prototypes in demanding applications.

The tube bending machine specialist claims to offer the most extensive range of all-electric tube bending machines in the market. The standard range accommodates tube diameters from 16 to 180mm. A custom machine is capable of bending 10-inch schedule pipe with an outside diameter of 273mm.

Advanced software tools provide an end-to-end tube bending service, and feature Opt2Sim, 3D simulation which allows users to analyse, optimise and validate programs without needing access to the physical machine.

TubeWorks tube bending CAD/CAM software package enables users to automatically extract manufacturing information such as bend angles and rotations from a native SolidWorks model or a common CAD file format to reduce the time required to develop programs for CNC tube bending dramatically, from hours to just minutes.

Sister company, Ingenium Integration, provides automation solutions and a design consultancy service from robotic cells to integrated production lines. Turnkey automated systems are designed to save customers time and money.

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