Laser experience moves into new areas

motor-lamination_tmbChallenging traditional etching, electro-forming, wire erosion and stamping processes are the stock in-trade for Tannlin. The firm specialises in custom-built laser systems and laser processing precision parts, using the speed and accuracy of a custom built laser machine. Using 20 years’ of experience in building laser processing machines with the capability to cut micron accurate stencils for the electronics industry, the company has branched into a myriad of new applications.

Micron-accurate laser processing is flexible, wear-free and can eliminate finishing processes associated with other technologies. In many cases, the company reports solving problems for customers that no other technology can.

A team of multi-disciplinary engineers can design and build to specific requirements, whatever the laser processing field. The facility has a flexible in-house capability to laser process custom precision parts for a one-stop capability, encompassing design, material sourcing, production fixturing, laser cutting, first article inspection and measurement, using the in-house CMM and SEM facilities.

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