JLF Manufacturing: a long-established firm with an eye to the future

CLUTCH3A leading UK presswork manufacturer JLF Manufacturing has been supplying precision made metal parts and welded assemblies for over 90 years. Drawing on its deep experience in a comprehensive range of general and precision presswork, welded assemblies, deep drawn pressings, automotive sumps, ball floats and bubble caps, it is able to understanding the demands of a diverse range of manufacturing sectors and provide solutions to a range of cross-sector customers. JLF operates to the highest standards of quality control throughout its processes and has invested significantly in presses, tool room and people.

Having an in-house tool room the firm can produce hard tooling for new projects, as well as adapting and repairing existing tooling for ongoing production runs. From assistance with the initial drawings, through to production, assembly, finishing and delivery, JLF can assist with most presswork and component requirements.

Offering several advantages when compared to alternative manufacturing methods such as press braked parts, JLF say’s that its presswork is the ideal solution for producing medium to high runs of metal parts and components, offering both cost-savings and increased precision. With the capability to produce a range of pressed products from basic pressings through to complex welded assemblies and fabrications, JLF has considerable experience working across many sectors, including automotive, white goods, yellow goods and more.

JLF’s large manufacturing facility offers a wide selection of presses ranging from 30 to 500 tonnes – largest bed size 2.7m x 1.5m. Operational abilities include blanking, forming, piercing and deep drawing in all types, grades and size of materials.

For more information, visit https://jlfmanufacturing.com/