Point of sale expertise on show

fastrakNorthern Manufacturing 2017 exhibitor Fastrak Retail is an industry expert in retail Point of Sale (POS) design and construction. The firm offers in-depth knowledge of every aspect of POS design and manufacturing processes, including prototyping, toolmaking, plastic injection moulding, print and metal fabrication. 

Fastrak Retail bases its approach on a ‘most appropriate’ manufacturing philosophy, designed to tailor a solution in line with its customer’s needs, whether they be creative, commercial, process or lead-time driven.  The unique combination of talented designers with many years of experience in POS and a fully-equipped engineering production team in-house means the firm can deliver a truly dynamic bespoke solution to any POS challenge.

Fastrak Retail is an international business with presences in the UK, Asia, Australasia and the USA, making it ideally positioned to support all types of businesses, from global brands to local companies. Visitors to Northern Manufacturing 2017 are invited to come and meet with Fastrak Retail and find out more about what this highly creative manufacturer has to offer.

Meet Fastrak Retail on stand B19 or go to www.fastrakretail.co.uk


Prototype machines meet R&D and education needs

Axminster preview edit_tmbWith over 40 years’ experience, Axminster Tools & Machinery should be on the visit list for any Northern Manufacturing visitors interested in machinery. The firm says it selects the best manufacturers with which to work, so that customers can be certain of the reliability, availability and serviceability of its range of machines.

The company is continually enlarging and updating its range of metalworking tools and machinery. Recently, it has developed the Axminster CNC Technology range. Working closely with manufacturing partner Sieg, this is a core range of CNC metalworking mills and lathes that fill an important niche in the market, the company believes. The machines are manufactured in high-grade cast iron, giving a stable and absorbing platform. All are supplied with software which is compatible with Windows 7, 10, XP and Vista.

At this year’s Northern Manufacturing & Electronics, the company will showcase some exciting products. On display will be its own brand machines, including Axminster CNC Technology Series iKX3 mill and iKC6 lathe, together with a range of pillar drills from the Axminster Engineer Series SB-16, SB-25, SB-250 and SB-25-TC. All are suitable for prototype and light engineering, small production workshops and component makers, fabrication works for testing, R&D and the education sector including university technical colleges.

The company also has exclusivity in the UK for the Jet Elite range of mills, lathes and bandsaws. These efficient and powerful machines offer precision, durability and safety which widely exceeds market standards, claims the company.

Visit Axminster Tools & Machinery at Stand H20 or go to www.axminster.co.uk.

Great British Marketing launches at Northern 2017

gmbGreat British Marketing, an initiative to support and share best marketing advice across the northern manufacturing industry, is being formally launched at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017.

Delivered by FIG, an award-winning B2B marketing and communications agency that specialises in helping manufacturing businesses grow, Great British Marketing is offering expert advice at the show with its free marketing publications.

Explained FIG’s managing director, Helen Duncan: “While the national press have been reporting on how well the sector is performing – with Markit CIPS UK recently reporting that the UK manufacturing sector had recorded its fastest growth for three years – they have also included notes of caution about the degree to which this growth can be sustained against a backdrop of Brexit, political uncertainty and market volatility. For over 15 years, FIG has been working with North West manufacturers to help them to achieve their business goals, whatever the economic climate.

“In 2017, the threats to the manufacturing sector are many, but so too are the opportunities, and we felt the time was right to do our bit to help manufacturing companies across the North West and East Midlands not only to survive the volatile climate, but to thrive.”

Attendees at the Northern Manufacturing & Electronics Show can visit Great British Marketing at stand D27 for their free publication ‘Your Guide to Lean Marketing’ which offers manufacturers some fundamental marketing advice, such as establishing clear marketing objectives, identifying the necessary resources and planning to achieve those goals, along with some of the latest social media trends and top tips for the manufacturing sector when using LinkedIn.

Starting life in 1996 as copy writing and communications business, FIG was the winner of the 2016 CIM northern large agency award and is ranked among Prolific North’s 2017 Top 50 PR agencies. The firm provides in-house creative, digital and PR solutions for its clients across a wide range of B2B sectors, including manufacturing, food and drink, transport, industry and technology.

Find out more about FIG and the Great British Marketing initiative on stand D27 or visit www.fig.agency/great-british-marketing  For more information about FIG, visit www.fig.agency or call 01457 857111.

Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology redefines strain gauge measurement

ESI Technology preview edit_tmbSpecialising in the design and manufacture of pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, ESI Technology was established in 1985. At Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 the firm will highlight specialist applications using sensing technologies such as an innovative silicon-on-sapphire strain gauge.

Expertise in such a niche field means the team is able to analyse and interpret customer specific requirements and create a product that meets – and often exceeds – the exact needs of the application in order to eradicate any compromise from the customer.

The most outstanding developments from the company are the silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology and the new GD4200-USB digital pressure transducer. Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology has redefined the performance capability of pressure measurement instrumentation in the industry, says the company. It demonstrates excellent insulation properties, performance with high over-pressures and virtually no hysteresis, repeatability and chemical compatibility.

The GD4200-USB makes pressure measurement simple and portable, reducing the need for expensive data loggers. It has all the advantages of silicon-on-sapphire, sample rate of 1000Hz and is available in ranges up to 5000bar. Supplied software features the capability of measuring multiple inputs and also customised test certificate generation.

The company’s portfolio has solutions for applications in oil and gas, subsea, aerospace, defence, hydraulics, depth/level, hazardous area, automotive, process and industrial, test calibration and OEM markets.

Visit ESI Technology at Stand D50 or go to www.esi-tec.com

PACE Europe BGA/SMD rework system accelerates throughput

PACE_preview edit_tmbAmong the new products to be displayed by Pace Europe at this year’s Northern Electronics show will be the TF 1800 BGA rework system (pictured) and PH 100 pre-heater.

The rework system incorporates a top-side inductive-convection heater. The patent-pending heater technology provides rapid heat-up and active cooling of the solder joints, resulting in faster throughput and greater process control. Its high efficiency, low thermal mass design takes far less power to operate and is more reliable than conventional heaters, claims the company. A stepper motor drives an automated reflow head for smooth, precise, repeatable movement, with no drift, allowing for soft landing of components and 28µm (0.0011-inch) placement accuracy.

A vacuum pick/shaft design with optical sensor is counterweight-balanced to eliminate placement pressure on components, and uses precision high temperature linear ball bearings for highest sensitivity in placement and pick-up.

The adjustable height, bottom-side infra red pre-heater allows safe, closer proximity to the PCB for challenging high thermal mass boards. User-friendly software guides operators through an intuitive interface that virtually automates the process.

Visitors will also exhibit the PH 100, a high powered (1600W), non-contact infra red heating system. Its ergonomic, low profile design allows operators to safely pre-heat PCBs for fast and easy soldering, rework or repair on the highest mass, lead-free assemblies.

The ADS200 AccuDrive production soldering station will be introduced at this year’s show. The rugged, high-powered soldering station provides thermal performance, to allow accurate adjustable temperatures to be set with no calibration required.

Visit Pace Europe at Stand A110 or go to  www.paceworldwide.com.

Inspection is drawn to Scandinavian quality

VisionAid Preview edit_tmbFor over 20 years, VisionAid has provided quality digital magnification systems. At Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 it is showcasing a range of high quality, 1080P, 60-frame/s, Scandinavian digital magnifiers, microscopes and inspection solutions with magnification up to 750x. The collection combines superior optics, claims the company, with advanced features such as precise measurement, focus stacking, image and video capture.

The vision equipment is ideal for tasks including R&D, inspection, quality control, service and rework. It is quick and easy to share critical information between co-workers and departments with both computer connectable and standalone systems, for training, responsive quality control, comparison and documentation.

A highlight is the FHD Zap, which the company describes as its most flexible space saving digital microscope. It can be attached to a variety of fully adjustable monitor arms to meet specific requirements. Pure optical magnification range is 1.3x to 65.8x (24-inch monitor). USB 3.0 computer connectivity is provided for live viewing, recording video and saving images for rapid information sharing. The precision laser pointer is a visible target indicator allowing for fast, accurate zooming on a subject.

All of the systems offered improve productivity and users’ posture when combined with the company’s specialist ergonomic products, such as posture seating, height adjustable workstations and accessories.

See VisionAid at Stand C26 or visit www.visionaid.co

Iron powder and alloy cores make up distribution range

MagDev preview edit_tmbPart of the Delta Magnet group of companies, MagDev is based in Swindon, Wiltshire and comprises a major test facility, in-house machining facilities and over 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space with low cost manufacturing facilities in India.

Among the exhibits on the company’s stand at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 will be the new distribution range of KDM iron powder and alloy cores.

The company supplies permanent magnet components and assemblies in a variety of materials including neodymium (sintered and bonded), samarium cobalt, sintered ferrite and alnico and a range of soft magnetic components, including cores in a choice of shapes and sizes manufactured from a range of materials including manganese zinc, nickel zinc, and cobalt-based amorphous.

The company is BS EN ISO 9001:2015-accredited and provides application specific solutions for permanent magnet assemblies, as well as assisting with the design and provision of high frequency and high power chokes and transformers for various applications.

Visit MagDev at Stand B79 or find out more at www.magdev.co.uk

Electronics repair to extend lifetime

Photo for Editorial_tmbOver a period of time electronics become obsolete and spares are no longer available. Exhibiting at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017, UNIS Group – EMR provides a professional service to further the life of equipment by offering a number of repair and replacement solutions. As equipment becomes older it can become unreliable; preventative maintenance can identify potential failures before they become critical. By doing so, important maintenance can be carried out during planned shutdowns.

Founded in 1984, the company specialises in the repair and selling of industrial electronics and motors. Its repair facility is centrally located in Northampton where repair technicians, with the support of extensive testing and measuring facilities, are able to repair all types and brands of electronics, new and obsolete alike.

The electronics are cleaned, repaired and tested in accordance with strict quality standards. Every year the company completes more than 41,000 repairs.

A wide range of electronic services is offered. The company employs expert technicians, supported by measurement equipment and varied test facilities. The extensive range of stock parts enables the company to identify and resolve defects in order to expeditiously reduce downtime.

All repairs are carried out on a ‘no fix, no fee’ basis, and there is two-year warranty on repairs, sales and exchanges.

Visit UNIS Group – EDMR at Stand B25 or discover more at www.edmr.co.uk

Electronics capability service spans military to medical

UK Electronics preview edit_tmbCustomers who choose to outsource PCB assembly, electronic design and test, UK Electronics has over 30 years’ experience in the industry to provide a high quality, cost-effective service. It also offers full procurement of all materials.

The customer interfacing business has a long history of healthy, organic growth, and has contracts which include medical, military, electro fusion, education, farming, security, scientific Instrumentation, LED lighting, sensors and a variety of monitoring equipment. Customers range from major international PLC companies to SMEs, with 75% based in the UK.

With the expertise to design a new product or improve an existing design and provide electronic assembly, hardware or embedded software design, PCB supply, PCB layout, pre-compliance EMC testing, or any combination of these, the company believes it has the capability to turn ideas into reality.

In its aim to design and build to surpass a customer’s specifications, it ensures that it meets and exceeds any relevant industry-specific regulations or standards. The company is ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015-accredited and members of the production team are trained to IPC-A-610 standard.

All employees are encouraged to take responsibility for the quality of their own workmanship and to work with their colleagues towards the goal of zero defects. This is a philosophy emphasised throughout the company and not just limited to those directly involved with manufacturing output.

Visit UK Electronics at Stand G31 or find out more at www.ukelectronics.co.uk

Assembly capabilities progress from design to coating

PML preview edit_tmbElectronic manufacturing provided by Northern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibitor, Precision Manufacturing Ltd (PML), includes a broad range of services from its ISO90001-accredited production facility in Northamptonshire.

Working with business partners across the UK and overseas, its portfolio covers the flexibility to deliver from small projects to high volume production runs, incorporating product testing services, box build and product packaging.

Its assembly capabilities which include the proto-typing to production team, which has the goal of helping customers move smoothly through the phases of design introduction to the capability of conformal coating in- house as a standard process.

It also offers a full logistics service and prides itself on its customer service, quality manufacturing and competitive pricing.

Visit Precision Manufacturing (PML) at Stand D25 or find out more at www.pmlcem.com