System combines optical and contact measurement

Zeiss_preview edit_tmbMeasurement technology is showcased by Zeiss at Southern Manufacturing 2018. The company specialises in precision measuring and cutting-edge microscopy and is a trusted partner in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical device industries.

Visitors will be able to meet company experts and experience a wide range of the latest precision measurement technology including Zeisss O-Inspect, a multi-sensor co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM), which unites optical and contact measuring technology in a single system to cover a large range of parts and analysis options. The system offers a choice of three forms of tactile, optical and carbon fibre sensors to meet specific business needs.

There will also be the Smartzoom 5, smart digital microscope for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry, says the company.

Smartproof 5 is an integrated widefield confocal microscope that offers fast, precise and repeatable surface analysis measurements in a range of industrial applications – such as roughness and topographical characterisation, required in QA/QC departments, production environments and R&D labs.

Finally, there is the Comet L3D. This compact 3D sensor is based on fringe projection and blue LED technology and offers highly precise and fast measurement data, says the company, that can be easily transported to different measurement sites.

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Components manufacture is coupled with design

Jota preview edit_tmbSouthern Manufacturing 218 exhibitor Jota Advanced Engineering manufacturers complex components in wide-ranging materials including aluminium, stainless steel, special alloys and plastics.

Services offered include CNC milling, using three, four and five-axis milling machines. Components can be manufactured across all types of materials, ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to ceramics and plastics, says the company.

For more complex projects, Haas UMC-750 machines provide simultaneous five-axis machining with a 762 x 508 x 508mm working envelope, allowing for production to precise tolerances and excellent repeatability at a commercially viable cost, says the company. The three- and four-axis machines provide a work envelope of 508 x 405 x 356mm.CNC turning machines are operated by a team of specialist engineers. Haas ST-10Y series machines offer live tool turning for high quality, complex turned components to exact specification across all types of materials, ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to ceramics and plastics. For larger turned components Haas ST-30 machines offer heavy cutting ability and rigidity for the manufacture of components up to 533mm in diameter and 660mm in length.

The company offers a consultative, end-to-end service, encompassing the initial design process through to producing the finished component. The in-house design and development facility works alongside a network of experts, to tailor design solutions and help guide a project from concept to completion.

Another service is rapid response prototyping built on its production equipment. As well as checking for improvement opportunities, any complications that may arise can be analysed, prior to full-scale production.

The mechanical assembly facility provides the option of having components assembled by the experienced team of tool making, fitting and finishing specialists post production.

Full service project management, from concept through to the finished product, builds upon experience in professional, international motorsport, where working to strict deadlines and exacting specifications is crucial. A team of in-house experts builds a bespoke service and works with the client to develop a design, prototyping, testing, production and assembly schedule, as required.

The company also operates an extensive network of approved sub-contractors. Approved external processes include anodising, wire eroding, gear hobbing, various heat treatments, polishing, including electro-polishing, a range of surface treatments and quality assurance.

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Battery packs are UK-built

DMS Technologies preview edit_tmbBased near Southampton, Southern Manufacturing 2018 exhibitor DMS Technologies specialises in producing battery products for markets that demand cost-effective quality and reliability.

During 2017, extensive investment has further improved its battery pack manufacturing processes, reducing costs through efficiency savings. The company reports costs of battery packs from the Far East are increasing, driven by the exchange rate changes as well as increased manufacturing and raw material costs. It has been supporting a number of UK manufactures re-shore their battery pack requirements, reducing costs and offering the advantages a local supplier.

At Southern Manufacturing 2018 it will display a range of small battery packs, including NiMH, Li-Ion and LiFePO4. Also on the stand will be the new range of portable power products, rugged DC battery supplies for remote operation, using both lithium and lead acid batteries.

As well as UK-built products, there is a range of distributed products including 12.8V Ultralife Lithium battery blocks. They offer a direct replacement to standard lead acid products and are compatible with lead acid charging systems.

The company also supplies high quality AGM batteries including the 2V Cyclon cell, and ancillaries such as chargers, inverters, power supplies and low voltage disconnects.

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Constant design and development brings innovation

EMCEL preview edit_tmbBuilding on over 60 years’ experience in air filtration, Emcel Filters offers a comprehensive product range of both standard and custom-designed filter elements and housings for many diverse applications, from straight-forward HVAC filters to complex process and critical air filtration systems.

At Southern Manufacturing 2018, the company will display a selection of its products, including in-line housings, HEPA filter elements, carbon filter systems, dust/particle filter elements and housings.

Applications include, but are not limited to, pharmaceutical and chemical processes, nuclear power plants, military protection, odour/vapour abatement and control, electronic cabinets/intakes and building intake/extract systems.

The company is committed to constant product design and development programmes which include new manufacturing techniques, testing facilities and specialist equipment to combat the changing world of air filtration.

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EMS focuses on industrial electronics

JJS Manufacturing CH_tmbEMS partner, JJS Manufacturing, specialises in end-to-end procurement, manufacture and supply chain solutions. The Southern Manufacturing 2018 exhibitor is one of only five UK EMS companies with a wholly owned off-shore (Czech Republic) manufacturing facility. It delivers a wide range of assembly services including PCBA, box build, cables and wiring looms, cabinet build and electro-mechanical assembly.

With over 34 years’ experience and 380 staff across the group and turnover in excess of £35m, the company believes it is ideally positioned to support OEMs with a complete outsourced solution.

Focusing on industrial electronics, it has demonstrable experience in building and shipping complex electronic and electro-mechanical products within industrial automation, process control, test and measurement and scientific sectors. It focuses on complexity and offers customers enough ‘value add’ to deliver tangible results to an outsourcing strategy.

To complement its assembly services, it also offers design for procurement/manufacture and test along with configure-to-order and direct shipment options.

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New MASTER drag chains from Kabelschlepp Metool,

MASTER_drag_chains_tmbThe new MASTER drag chains will be the highlight of the Kabelschlepp Metool stand at Southern Manufacturing 2018. The LE60/LE80 and the new divider system TS3 allows more internal space.

Master drag chains, the LE0 and LE80 from Kabelschlepp Metool, meet the heterogeneous demands of Industry 4.0 applications. The cable carrier drag chains LE60/LE80 have the TS3 divider system. The reduced wall thickness means customers benefit from more interior-space compared to the previous drag chain. This achieves a vertical space saving of 50% and 37.5% in the horizontal space. At the same time, they are easy to open and fill, for time-saving harnessing from all sides, adds the company.

The drag chains combine space-saving, flexible inner distribution with very quick opening. The space-saving separators are available in 33 lengths, allow inner distribution across five levels, while locking dividers ensure permanently tight seating. This series offers quiet, weight-optimised drag chains with a favourable ratio of inner to outer dimensions. The fixable dividers ensure they are suitable for arrangements laying on their side and high lateral accelerations. Plastic stays makes this the first full plastic version. In combination with a support tray or guide channel and Traxline cables, the cable carrier drag chain series forms a ready-to-install system which is available as a pre-assembled TotalTrax complete system, including connectors.

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Circular connector secures with a snap

ODU_preview edit_tmbWhether for transferring power, signals, data or even media, the ODU Mini-Snap is a self-securing, circular connector for a multitude of application areas. To be highlighted at Southern Electronics 2018, it is offered in a robust metal housing and offers long-term quality, reliability and functionality, says the company.

The push-pull principle reliably ensures that the connection never releases until the user wants it to. Once mated, the connector locks itself into the receptacle. It cannot be separated by just pulling on the cable. The plug can, however, be de-mated from the receptacle when the outer sleeve is pulled back.

The connector is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. The L, K and B metal series all use pin and groove keying. The push-pull connectors can be configured in a variety ways, using the six sizes, three termination types and a range of different contact inserts are available. They can be protected to IP50 and IP68.

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Precision engineer produces complex components

Machine Precision preview edit_tmbWith 60 years’ experience in precision engineering Southern 2018 exhibitor Machined Precision Components, believes it has many skills and qualifications to provide a quality product at a competitive price with very short lead times.

The Norfolk-based company has the capability to produce parts of the highest quality and complexity, and extensive experience in the manufacture of many specialised components. It understands the requirement for a perfect component finish and takes great pride in setting the highest possible standards of workmanship. Facilities are housed within a modern workshop, containing some of the latest equipment.

Components can be produced as one-offs and prototypes through to medium or large batch sizes without any compromise in quality. Experience in all materials extend from plastics, through non-ferrous metals including aluminium, bronzes and brass, on to high-grade stainless steels. Extensive experience in machining high grade alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel and titanium are complemented with new, advanced CNC machines for machining detailed three-dimensional profiles, complex screw threads and engraving. The company works with the customer to ensure that requirements are met in full and prides itself on meeting agreed delivery dates without delay and producing components that are right first time, and every time.

Visitors to the firm’s stand at Southern Manufacturing 2018 will be able to view a range of components that demonstrate the capabilities and the level of quality that customers can expect. Visitors are invited to discuss requirements with a member of the team, and explore future opportunities.

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Steel and nickel alloy components meet international standards

FlowTechnology preview edit_tmbFlow-Technology Ltd, a UK based engineering facility in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, will again be exhibiting its wide range of stainless steel and high nickel alloy components at Northern Manufacturing 2017. The firm is a well established supplier of components to the Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cryogenic and Food industries, with an impressive track record spanning many years.

The organisation provides full traceability for its products and has held ISO9001 certification for over 24 years. With the capacity to supply one-off through to thousands, to customer drawings or standard specifications, it also keeps large stocks of products manufactured to international standards which include 10K-rated (690bar) screwed fittings, 15K rated (1035 bar) screwed fittings, 20K and 60K rated (1380 to 4138 bar) (HP-MP) fittings, BS5200 hydraulic connectors, fittings for hydraulic and PTFE hose, fittings for hygienic applications, suction and delivery hose fittings, SAE J514 (JIC) 37 degree flare type fittings, butt weld fittings and pipe, stainless steel flanges, 150lb, 3K and 6K screwed fittings and valves, coded pipework welding and project management.

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High quality cabling from prototypes to production

Nothern Mft_tmbWireco will highlight its expertise as cable harness assembly specialists at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics this week. The firm designs and manufacture wire harnesses and wiring looms as well as offering a flexible, reliable and high quality solution for bespoke cable assembly requirements.

Wireco says that its flexible approach enables it to deliver an efficient short-run service, ideal for producing R&D models (prototyping), whilst retaining the capability to go on to deliver the full production project.

From military specification wiring for aerospace, to wire and cable harnesses fitted for commercial use, Wireco offers a solution for any manufacturer of electronic or electrical systems, from simple interconnections to the most complex cable harness. The firm also specialises in wiring systems for use in extreme environments, designed to withstand water ingress and to maintain mechanical endurance.  All cable assemblies are built by an experienced team of operatives who are trained to IPC/WHMA-A-620, now widely recognised within the industry as the manufacturing standard.

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