Take the next step in bending with Bystronic

Bystronic preview edit_tmbNow available with a mobile automation module, the Xpert 40 press brake is the next evolutionary step in the field of bending, says Bystronic.

In production, the form, size, and number of parts that are to be bent varies. A central goal is always to produce these parts as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, the requirements placed on a modern bending system are to adapt to this variety, help the user to produce quickly, automate as many processing steps as possible while providing the possibility to work manually when required.

The Mobile Bending Cell provides an answer to all of these requirements. The technology behind the bending cell is the Xpert 40 and bending robotics – a combination between fast press brake and mobile automation. Users process large series with the automatic bending mode, yet can also manually bend small series and individual parts whenever necessary.

This bending automation system provides users with a great deal of freedom for varying order situations. Using the plug-and-bend principle, means that the compact Xpert 40 can be set up and put into operation in virtually any environment, claims the company. If required, it can also quickly be moved to another location. The mobile automation solution seamlessly interfaces with the Xpert 40. Users can set up the robotics system on the Xpert 40 in just a few minutes. When not in use, the bending robotics can simply be moved to one side.

Find out more about Bystronic www.bystronic.com


Celebrating 70 years of spring in the UK

European Springs & Pressings review_tmbThis year, European Springs & Pressings celebrates its 70th anniversary. The spring and pressing manufacturer has factories in London and Cornwall, a sales office in Northern Ireland and a stocking facility in Yorkshire and engineering expertise in the spring coiling, wire forming and pressing industries.

Stuart McSheehy, managing director of the Beckenham factory (pictured), believes the company distinguishes itself through the ability to cover a variety of disciplines. “We manufacture tension, torsion and compression springs with diameters from 0.03 to 65mm, pressings and multi-slides up to 130 tonnes and have an unlimited design spectrum of wire forms,” he says. “We have stamping, coiling, multi-slide, heavy coiling, high speed stamping and assembly facilities, as well as both high and low volume production capabilities.”

Customers range from blue-chip organisations to specialist, niche companies, demonstrating a broad market reach, with a service tailored to specific needs.


Laser experience moves into new areas

motor-lamination_tmbChallenging traditional etching, electro-forming, wire erosion and stamping processes are the stock in-trade for Tannlin. The firm specialises in custom-built laser systems and laser processing precision parts, using the speed and accuracy of a custom built laser machine. Using 20 years’ of experience in building laser processing machines with the capability to cut micron accurate stencils for the electronics industry, the company has branched into a myriad of new applications.

Micron-accurate laser processing is flexible, wear-free and can eliminate finishing processes associated with other technologies. In many cases, the company reports solving problems for customers that no other technology can.

A team of multi-disciplinary engineers can design and build to specific requirements, whatever the laser processing field. The facility has a flexible in-house capability to laser process custom precision parts for a one-stop capability, encompassing design, material sourcing, production fixturing, laser cutting, first article inspection and measurement, using the in-house CMM and SEM facilities.

Find out more at http://www.tannlin.com

Fabrication shop is created to support Bloodhound test runs

Bott review_tmbThe Bloodhound world land speed record attempt has been supported by Bott from its earliest days, with products installed in the car assembly workshop in Bristol. The company believes this project is crucial in inspiring future generations of UK engineers.

Clive Woodward, CEO, said: “This program has successfully reignited the pioneering passion that drove Britain’s engineers to lead the world in the 19th and 20th centuries . . . This project is more than just breaking records, it is about setting new positive perspectives for our society,” he added.

The latest milestone was the recent test runs at Cornwall Newquay Airport. After a month of testing the integration of the EJ200 jet engine, the steering, brakes, suspension, data systems and other functions, the Bloodhound car blasted down the 1.7m long runway, hitting a peak speed of 210mph in just eight seconds!

In the build-up to the test runs, the team set up a temporary workshop inside a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS) on the edge of the airport. A number of Bott products were relocated to replicate workshop facilities at the technical centre in Bristol. Using benches and mobile drawer cabinets, the Bloodhound engineers created mechanical systems bays around the car and a fabrication shop, supporting minor repairs and adjustments for pre/post run engineering checks. Large cupboards and cabinets provided safe storage facilities for critical equipment such as the steering wheel, cockpit canopy and car wheels.

The next stage of the project is in the South African desert.

Find out more at http://www.bottltd.co.uk

Manufacturer provides PCBs for multiple industries

Uniwell-review_tmbHong Kong-owned PCB manufacturer, Uniwell Electronic, has been operating since 1988. It produces from single- and double-sided, to multi-layer and flexible printed circuits (FPCs) in Dongguan and Jiangsu, China.

The company is ISO / TS / UL certified and has quality control and engineering support for single to 22 layer PCB and FPCs for consumer, automotive, industrial and telecommunications sectors.

The company prides itself on its flexible logistic arrangement, with 70% export orders. It describes itself as a one-stop solution starting from the pre-sales to after sales service, competitive in terms of cost and quality.

Find out more at www.uniwellgroup.com

Problem solving sparks innovation

ETPS reviewBy engineering programmable power supplies and test systems, ETPS says it provides problem solving skills to spark innovation to leading technology brands.

At the show the company launched the Lab-Auto DC power supply. In-built auto-ranging means a greater number of voltage and current combinations are possible within the unit’s nominal power rating. Therefore several conventional DC sources can often be replaced with just one system, saving both cost and bench space, says the company.

Constant voltage, current and power modes are provided as standard. Each unit has a programmable internal resistance range, making it suitable for simulating the output of energy storage devices in test rigs.

Up to 8000 sets of programmed memories for V, A, W and time values can be stored within the internal memory. This allows common test routines to be executed at the touch of a button.

Single units are available with outputs up to 15kW. Up to 10 power supplies can be combined in parallel to create high power systems up to 150kW.

Find out more at http://www.etps.co.uk

Plastic packaging can be standard or tailor-made

A selection from the vast range of plastic packaging developed for industrial applications was highlighted on the Rose Plastic stand at Southern Manufacturing 2018.  

The company offers standard or tailor-made solutions. Highlights of the diverse range of soultions available are the Aquardo range, a versatile storage system, BlockPack with TwistLock closure and ratchet-length adjustment, RoseCase ProSecure, a dustproof, waterproof, robust and durable range for indoor and outdoor use, and TwistPack and TwistPack Plus, round telescopic protective packaging tubes, with twistlock length adjustment.

Find out more at http://www.rose-plastic.co.uk

C-class components serve healthcare and automotive

OPTIMAS ReviewStandard and specialised components for a wide range of applications could be found at the Optimas Components Division stand.

The business supplies an extensive range of over 14,000 standard parts, with most specialised towards electro-mechanical applications. The range includes cable management solutions, wiring hardware, enclosures, cable glands, conduits and fittings, threaded and non-threaded fasteners, finishing products and access hardware. Visitors were invited to pick from a selection of component samples, allowing for a first-hand appraisal of the range.

Highlights included a range of specialised components for stringent hygienic applications, such as in the food processing, medical and healthcare sectors.

These components will also be supported by parts designed specifically for automotive and lighting applications. Complementing this will be components for transportation, domestic appliances and HVAC.

Find out more at http://www.optimascomponents.com

Consultancy advises with workshops

think_choose_forge_useIndependent consultancy, Thinkers, gives advice and support to manufacturers, when you need to invest in software, such as ERP and MRP systems.

Whether replacing old, legacy systems or enhancing existing software, retailer-independent advice is available. The company offers two-day workshops, a three to eight day package to assess requirements across all user groups and help in assessing requirements, creating a full technical product brief and running vendor demonstrations to preferred supplier stage. There is also longer-term onsite support from ERP software selection and implementation, through to user training and documentation.

Using a framework to align the project with your business strategy, the company guides you through a selection process that is clear, short, cost effective and most importantly, will result in good choices for your business. To forge a new system to suit a business, it helps plan the project, and then commissions, configures and customises the system.

Find out more about Thinkers – www.thinkers.co.uk

Power packs can be bespoke

Euro Energy Resources Preview EditCustom-designed battery packs, batteries, chargers and test equipment can be supplied by Euro Energy Resources to a wide range of industries, including OEMs, distributors and medical organisations.

The company has established a strong reputation over 35 years, built on service, product quality and prompt delivery. It has focused and dedicated technical, customer service and sales teams operating from its Leicester base.

The UK designer and manufacturer of custom battery packs for OEMs offers a comprehensive product range, with products from Panasonic, Sanyo, PBQ, ARTS Energy, Saft, GP, Yuasa and all leading edge technology battery developers. The company pride itself on being able to fulfil requirements for both one-off specialist projects and large volume production.

To design and manufacture battery packs and charging solutions in many configurations, the in-house technical team looks at the application, electrical and environmental requirements. It is then able to provide bespoke battery packs with the most appropriate chemistry for any battery application – the company never takes a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It can also support with tests to simulate the extremes of operating conditions, to minimise the risk of in-service failures.

Euro Energy Resources – www.euroenergy.co.uk