The heart of Northern engineering

Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016 opens next week.The show is without doubt one of the most important in the UK and a key event for anyone involved in manufacturing and engineering in the North. Take look at what’s on offer at the North’s number 1 engineering event.

Entry and car parking is free, and there’s a fantastic free seminar programme too. Just visit for your free ticket.


Yamaichi launches Kelvin Test Contactor for QFN, SOP and QFP

Yamaichi_Electronics_YED274 Kelvin TC_press RGB_tmbYamaichi Electronics presents Kelvin test contactors in QFN, SOP and QFP packages for use in the lab and on the test floor.

Modern consumer devices such as smartphones rely on the high integrity of semiconductor component function. For the semiconductor manufacturer to be able to guarantee that functionality, the test equipment has to be correspondingly powerful. Yamaichi says that its new test contactors with Kelvin pins ensure that these IC components can be tested reliably.

The YED274 Kelvin test contactor series is a wide spectrum of products. The test contactors, with Kelvin fine-pitch pins, are available as test sockets with fixed covers for manual component testing, but also in different variants adapted to the component handler for volume testing.

The fine-pitch Kelvin pins are used for QFN, SOP and QFP components. To ensure the reliable contacting of component pad alloys, the pin plungers are made of hardened steel with a palladium or gold surface. The pin force of 28gf breaks reliably through the oxide in the temperature range from -55 to +150 °C. The service life of the pin is enhanced by a contact resistance of ≤ 50mOhm.  The YED274 Kelvin series includes many useful features. The test contactors for automated volume testing can be adapted for nearly any component handler.

See Yamaichi Electronics at Southern 2017 or visit for more information

Packing in the racks for pallets

Deep pallet storage and retrevial solutions for all industry sectors can be found at SSI Schaefer (Stand A109)

The company has examples of storage capacity within a storage area odf 40 x 30m and 12m high.

There is selective pallet racking, very narrow aisle racking, drive-in racking, pallet live storage, mobile pallet racking, orbiter channel storage and automated orbiter channel storage to increase storage efficiency according to your needs.

Optimas adds Bopla Bocube aluminium

A series of enclosures from Bopla are available from Optimas (Stand H7). The company offers the Bocube Alu diecast enclosures with a hinge design that keeps the lid captive. Depending on the mounting, it can be opened to the left or right. Coloured hinges are also available on request to identify or brand enclosures.

Enclosure screws are concealed under the cover. Lids can be provided with or without a 2mm recessed surface for fitting HMI (human machine interface) equipment.

Other options are a seawater-resistant (SWB) or a special EMC version, available on request. The base has a moulded insertion opening fir a pressure-compenstaiotn membrane, which can be factory-activated.

Adding colour to polymers

Polymers that are compounded and colour-matched to specifications are available from Polymer Compounders (Stand R25).

The thermoplastic compounds for injection moulding and extrusion are used in a variety of industries from automotive, electronics, infrastructure, building, hygience and medical, household appliances and white goods.

The Durham-based company provides technical support for new product design and material selection.

A colourful tree with polymer leaves adorns the stand at this year’s show.





Showcasing metrology

A new Sylvac Scan Vision System, the Baty R400 with FT2E touch screen display are highlights of the Bowers Group stand (R139),.

The company is the exclusive UK reseller for Sylvac and has added Baty Internation to its portfolio, following Sylvac’s acquisition of the TESA-Scan division from Hexagon Group.

The Scan 52 is the first horizontal machine designed for workshop measuremetn close to the machine tool. It measures parts in the same position as they are machined.

The entry level vertical machines, the Scan 25/50 measure smaller cylindrical parts and have an integrated projector to allow the operator to view the profile image.

The Scan 50 CE Plus machines have a motorised axis, to incline the work piece to the helix angle of the thread for a true projected image. This allows the operator to measure more features on the thread form, says the company, such as minor diameter and root detail on ball screws.


Reality of Mirage means half the cutting time

Cutting cycle tims are halved with the Mirage carbide tool from Quickgrind (Stand P61). The tool halves cutting cycle times for titanium 6Al-4V.

The company says customers dealing with a variety of challenging materials have discovered improvements and leaner manufacturing processes can be realised by combining its tools with the company’s tooling performance consultancy service.

Managing Director Ross Howell explains: “Our products are internationally renowned, but we do much more for our customers than sell them great tools. With our team’s technical knowledge, applications expertise and understanding of the very latest machining strategies, we can look at problems from every angle, identify or create the perfect tool for the job and advise on how to use it in the most profitable way.”

In tests, titanium 6Al-4V was machined using a Quickgrind 4 flute 12mm diameter Mirage tool, at a cutting speed of 180m/min and with a feed rate of 2,200mm/min. The hardwearing tool maintained its performance through as much as 450 minutes of contact time. The tools have also been test on Inconel, Hastelloy and ‘S’ specification materials, as well as high-grade stainless steels.



Cosel celebrates £500,000 order taken on stand at Southern Manufacturing 2016

Nick Theodoris, Euopean Sales and Marketing Director, Cosel Europe, is happy that he has solved a visitor’s power supply dilema at this year’s show.

A new customer signed a contract for £500,000 at the show, when he saw the company’s switch mode power supplies that were a perfect fit for a broadcast application. The power supply already being used was not able to meet all of the specific requirements for this project. The visitor to the company’s stand (L2) saw a standard catalogue product, that was just what he was looking for. He signed an order for the 2.5kW, 1U high switch mode power supply (SMPS) which has unusual characteristics, such as a wide output range, adjustable from 48 to 0V (whereas typically supplies have a tolerance of +/-10%). Added to this, the input range was narrower than the conventional supplies, offering 170 to 264V, which met the design application’s requirements.

In addition to solving the initial design problem, the SMPS also meant a cost saving compareing with the existing power supply, Nick says. This is one success story for the company at this year’s show. Nick continues: “We have had over £1million of enquiries in the first two days,” adding that 95% of those were from new customers.

Problem-solving, Lean thinking

The question every business manager asks at some point, is “How can we get more out of the business?”

Automotive Lean Consulting (ALC) specialises in helping companies to identify waste, engaging stakeholder teams in problem solving workshops, and driving Lean thinking through all areas of your business.

Lean is all about maximising the value in your business by minimising waste. But what do we mean by value and what is waste? Value is everything that you do in your business that precisely matches your customer requirements. All other activities should be considered as waste and should be reviewed, minimised or removed where possible. But how do you make this happen?

ALC founder, Tim Scurlock, is hosting a seminar session Wednesday (11.15am, Seminar Room 1) and Thursday (1pm, Seminar Room 2).

Taking Lean principles from its origins in the automotive industry, ALC works with manufacturing and service industries, challenging legacy processes, engaging teams in driving innovation and building sustainable change through training and coaching.

Tim talks about Lean, with examples drawn from manufacturing and service industry; demonstrates how making waste visible and applying Lean tools can transform a business – driving efficiency, adding profitability and making them more rewarding places to work.

If you can’t make either seminar, visit Stand B32 during Southern Manufacturing 2016, “to find out how to do more with less”, says Tim.