New products for Gewefa at Southern 2018

Gewefa preview edit_tmbInnovation will be the theme for Gewefa UK at this year’s show. The Corsham-based toolholding specialist will debut four new products at Southern Manufacturing 2018

The Gewefa-Plus face and taper toolholder, the Hydropin hydraulic chuck with a fixed stop pin and the EasyFix boring bar toolholder will be joined by a new shrink collet system, the Induterm M96.

The last is based on the heatshrink clamping technique for securely clamping milling cutters into tool holders. As well as exceptional grip with a very short clamping length, the system is flexible with an assured tool run out of less than 3µm. The shrink collets are compatible for use with existing toolholders, whatever the format, says the company.

Also on the stand will be products from partners, who are represented exclusively in the UK. These will include EWS static and driven tools, OTT spindle monitoring equipment, Pibomulti angle heads and speeders, Nann collets and Rineck heat shrink clamping machines.

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Monitoring devices can be medically-approved

Variohm_preview edit_tmbAmong the industrial sensors and associated electronic systems, Variohm Eurosensor delivers technical support, quality service with up-to-date advice on the entire product portfolio.

Position, weight, force, torque, pressure and temperature products will be on display at this years’ Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show.

Thermistors and probes offering a wide temperature measurement range, with interchangeability and stability are also space- and flight-approved or medically approved where appropriate. Custom and bespoke solutions are available and many are manufactured or modified on site.

Position sensors include rotary and linear potentiometer, cable extension transducers and inclination sensors. They are available in various contacting and non-contacting technologies, including Hall effect, incremental and absolute encoders and laser measurement.

Weighing and force sensing products are load cells from 1g to 1000t capacities, available in a range of mechanical sizes and designs. There are also high-speed bagging controllers, torque transducers and electrical connection options.

Pressure transducers and switches measure absolute, differential and gauge pressure up to 5000 Bar.

The company can design, develop, source and deliver a range of sensor solutions and work with customers throughout the entire project.

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CamdenBoss launches new waterproof enclosures and connectors

P4562 - CamdenBoss IP68 Enclosures and Connectors at Southern Manufacturing 2018CamdenBoss, the interconnection and enclosures specialist, showcases several new products at Southern Manufacturing 2018, including its IP68 Flat Sheet Plastic Technology (FSPT) custom enclosures, a comprehensive range of circular connectors, an extensive range of electrical enclosures, new 2.54mm and screwless CamBlock Plus terminal blocks plus additional enclosures in the Takachi range.

CamdenBoss’s popular FSPT custom enclosures will now be suitable for use in harsh environments thanks to a unique joining technique developed by the company that ensures an IP68 rating and allows custom enclosures to be deployed in many more applications than were previously possible, including outside environments. Also new are waterproof circular connectors include the premium CamCirc IP68 multi-pole range that is ideal for a multitude of demanding applications including industrial, aerospace, military and marine.

The latest PCB terminal blocks in CamdenBoss’s flagship CamBlock Plus range will be introduced including a brand new CamBlock Plus 2.54mm pitch rising clamp terminal block offering 2 to 12 poles designed for use in applications with limited space or for low power products. Competitively priced and UL approved, the new terminal block is ideal for R&D, lighting, fire and security products where space is at a premium. Other new products include a new range of CamBlock Plus screwless pluggable terminal blocks covering 2.5, 3.5, 3.81 and 5.08mm pitch sizes from 2 to 12 poles.

Three new ranges of enclosures for the electrical market will also be launched at the show, the X6, X7 and X8. X6 series knock out enclosures are available in 10 sizes with a choice of UV stable polycarbonate as standard or ABS as a lower cost option. Polarised lids provide a secure fit and can be transparent or solid grey. These enclosures feature industry standard integrated knockouts for electrical cable glands and provide IP67 class sealing and IK09 impact protection for applications such as junction boxes, controls, power sources and industrial/outdoor equipment.

The Takachi enclosures range is also expanded with the addition of the new 95 series of diecast aluminium enclosures in stylish, elegant designs with black anodized or brushed aluminium hairline finish. Excellent cooling performance is provided by the built-in heat-sink. Easy to assemble, these robust enclosures are available in 14 sizes.

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Machine investment allows angled contouring

Parts 3At Southern 2018 CNC sliding head sub-contract machining company, NC Precision, highlights its miniature, high precision components and complex parts from a wide range of materials for industries from highly demanding sectors, such as aerospace and motorsport, to parts for commercial use.

It also provides services such as heat treatment, electroplating and anodising.

A recent investment is a Citizen L20-XII, which has b- and y-axis control on both the main and sub spindles. Driven tools feature b-axis operation, allowing the machining of angled features and contouring with simultaneous four-axis control. The machine can switch between guide bush and guide bushless operation enabling the machining of parts up to 25.4mm diameter. The speed of operation is particularly well suited to longer batch runs where cycle time is more critical, says the company. Further recent investments include a magnetic de-burring machine.

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Taking stock to improve productivity

Kardex-Remstar preview edit_tmbStock with extreme dimensions and heavy goods particularly require proven storage logistics systems. At Southern Manufacturing 2018 Kardex-Remstar will present its tailored solutions to meet particular factory work flows. It provides dynamic and flexible storage solutions for items from the size of a fastener to a 6m long RSJ.

Goods with a total weight of up to 6,000kgs per location can be efficiently integrated into storage logistic processes. Using flexible designs such as vertical lift and carousel systems, optimises the use of available space, making the most of existing ceiling height and minimising footprint.

The company says its ideas, machinery and software aid productivity, performance and safety, to improve ergonomics and efficiency.

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Learn the secrets of product development

Otter Controls preview edit_tmbEach week, Otter Controls manufactures and sells over three million electromechanical components, mostly bimetal actuators for the thermal protection of DC motors and electric kettles. 

These significant global markets need compact, well-engineered components, in high volume and at low cost. The company also provides the skills and manufacturing capabilities to produce electromechanical components for OEM projects, and has developed bespoke electrical connectors for a wide range of customers.

The company will demonstrate these skills at Southern Manufacturing 2018 and to explain how it develops these products in-house.

Thick film heating elements are a core competence of one of its subsidiaries, Ferro Techniek. Thick film heating technology offers high power density on a low mass stainless steel plate, which provides fast heating and cooling times. The patented EFAST protection system keeps up with the rate of temperature change, instantly detecting hotspots on the element surface or an abuse situation, preventing stress and damage. The technology has been developed into products like the flow through heater for appliances like espresso makers.

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Hygienic standard series prevent dirt ingress

Berger Tools preview edit_tmbA series of hygienic standard elements that meet EHEDG requirements and the 3-A Sanitary Standard will be highlighted by Berger Tools at Southern 2018. The range is optimised for minimal contamination, using stainless steel with ground or polished surfaces. Smooth surfaces of below Ra 0.8μm ensure dirt particles cannot adhere and are reliably removed during cleaning, says the company.

Another key feature is an avoidance of dead space. There are no interior areas where substances can accumulate. Hygienically safe FDA-compliant elastomer seals sit flush with the surface preventing dirt ingress.

The parts reduce cleaning time in food production, medical technology, pharmaceutical industries, dispersion paint manufacturers and other sectors.

The family-run UK supplier of standard parts for machine equipment press and mould tools and components can provide both standard and bespoke parts. It is accredited in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001-2008.

Visitors will also see telescopic slides, used in drawer extensions up to those used on machines, production systems, and equipment in the industrial sector.

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China PCB manufacturer has UK-based support

X-Mulong Montage_tmbSupported by a UK based sales office and local UK warehousing, at Southern Electronics 2018 Shenzhen X-Mulong Circuit will demonstrate its range of PCB manufacturing capabilities, commitment to the highest quality of service and production.

Established in China in 2006, the company has ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification, and its products are UL and cUL-certified. An ERP system was initiated in 2013.

The company provides PCB manufacturing services to 1,000 customers worldwide across a variety of industries, including automotive electronics, communication devices and consumer electrics.

It also produces cost-effective rigid PCBs, flex/rigid-flex PCBs and metal PCBs, from one to six layers.

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Keep on track with antennae and sensors

Bt2000 preview edit_tmbAt Southern 2018, Broadband Technology 2000 (BT2000), exhibits examples from its synergistic range of electronic components, modules and antennae which are used in a diverse range of applications. Established in 1995 and based in Berkshire, it services both the logistical and technical needs of an international customer base. The company specialises in four key areas – sensors, power, wireless and M2M, and semiconductors.

Highlighted will be its recently launched products and display its range of antennae, GNSS miniature modules, miniature batteries, digital filter ICs, supercapacitors and vast range of mechanical connectors and cable harnesses. Latest releases are the TDK InvenSense, gyroscopes, acceleration, compass and barometer combo ICs, PCTEL’s GNSS, train top, basestation and coach top antennae, the Maestro/ Falcom GNSS and tracker modules, modems and routers, Aceinna’s flow, pressure, tilt and current sensors, Memsic’s acceleration and magnetometer ICs, Megachips’ DisplayPort and sensor fusion ICs and HD Enerchip Battery/RTC IC from Cymbet.

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Agency is specialist in field

Whether manufacturing aeroplane parts or metrology systems, supplying aero-tooling solutions or surface finishing technologies, Aro PR and Marketing can help your company boost its profile.

The specialist agency for engineering, composites and scientific companies is made up of experts in their respective fields. It provides cost effective strategic PR and marketing support to help clients achieve their sales objectives both in the UK and globally.

The marketing mix includes PR, social media management, marketing and brand management, media relations, applications for awards, copywriting, graphic design, web design and build, SEO and event management.

Many clients, contributors to the aerospace, marine, automotive and medical industries, consider the company as their outsourced marketing manager and team – an integral part of the business.

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