Cables withstand harsh conditions

habia cable_product_cropFrom ladle cars in the steel industry to submarines in deep oceans, Habia Cable has developed custom-designed cables and cable systems to withstand the most harsh environments imaginable.

When a cable needs to be exposed for fire, heat, acid, radiance, pressure or withstand millions of bending cycles and twist the design and choice of materials need consideration. The company’s long experience and expertise in development and manufacturing of wires, cables and cable assemblies will help find the most suitable, cost-efficient solution for a specific application, no matter how demanding or extreme. The company also aims to provide competitive lead times and offers low minimum order quantities.

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Cushioning tools for the Bloodhound SSC

MA Foams preview edit_tmb

Vital tools for the Bloodhound SSC record breaking attempt on the world land speed record are stored and transported in foam produced by MSA Foams.

The company has designed foam inserts cut to size for individual tool kits for over 20 years. The inserts organise tools efficiently, and the use of coloured foam ensures missing items are easily identified. Durable custom foam ensures tools are secured in position and protected in transit.

Extensive experience in the engineering and automotive sector enables the company to offer a wide range of foam and containers with a choice of packaging options, from standard plastic cases to large containers. With rapid order turn-around, following significant investment in facilities, new machinery and personnel, it has the capability to fulfil orders quickly.

The company offers machined, moulded, pressed or fabricated foam products to fit an extensive range of cases and containers, and sales presentation cases, enhanced with logos and corporate colours.

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Manufacturing network accesses eastern Europe

Sourceways preview edit_tmbTo get components or complete products manufactured or sourced from suppliers with a lower cost base, Sourceways can take customers from concept to the successfully running project.

It provides a package of services to help UK companies find the right approach and the right suppliers for sourcing and outsourcing projects and build strong and productive business relationships. It conducts research work, supplier evaluation, organises visits, interpretation, progresses quotes, clarifies technical issues and ensures mutual understanding of all aspects of the business. The level of involvement is tailored to the needs of customers and suppliers.

The constantly growing network of suppliers covers a range of manufacturing capabilities and products, including tooling design and manufacture, metal fabrication, machine building, casting, forging, machining, plastic moulding, painting, plating, electronic assembly, product design and development. On the product sourcing side, it offers direct import from manufacturers of products such as light fittings, explosion proof equipment, low-voltage electrical equipment, electronics, refractory products, and packaging consumables.

Suppliers are located in central and eastern Europe, offering competitive prices, with European quality and ease of export; it also has experience in managing small- and large-scale sourcing, outsourcing and relocation projects in different parts of the world, including Asia and Africa.

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Metal components can be single item or mass production


With a head office and foundry on the south coast of Hampshire and engineering/quality teams in India and China, Polycast can work with partners to supply everything from rapid prototype to mass production, from cast blank castings to full finished machined, treated and coated components.

For over 70 years, the company has supplied investment casting, but can also source metal components. It exports around the world including central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Central and North America. It invites exhibition visitors to discuss metal component requirements from single item to mass-production.

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China base for British-managed manufacturing

ChinaSavvy preview edit_tmbFounded in China in 2003, Chinasavvy Manufacturing Company is a British owned and managed manufacturing company based in Guangzhou, southern China. The lessons learnt from establishing a factory operation, reflecting the highest Western standards in a Chinese context, were to become the essential ingredients in its management philosophy, in which its core business is the timely, cost-efficient, and quality-compliant delivery of products.

At Southern Manufacturing 2018 the firm showcased products and services in several fields of engineering production: castings, precision machining, metal fabrication, plastics and carbon fibre.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, it can undertake a wide range of metal casting projects, using a number of casting methods (sand casting, die casting, permanent mould gravity casting, investment casting, lost foam casting and shell casting). High quality, low price, precision machining services use a variety of CNC and NC machines, and the company offers a range of metal fabrication processes (hot, warm or cold), using cutting edge tools and methods.

This year plastics and carbon fibre production has been added to its range of services.

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Management tool tracks for efficiency

T-cards preview edit_tmbTo help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency, T Cards Direct offers a management tool to provide “Information at a glance” in a clear and precise way.

There are bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions that will fit an operation seamlessly. Systems can be installed within days and require little or no training. Standard boards are on display for maintenance, health & safety, continuous improvement and production planning & control.

The firm also offers a versatile online service called T Cards Online. Available from as little as £5.00 per month, the system boasts similar functionality to rival systems costing a great deal more.

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Tapes save weight in joining systems

IMG_0384_tmbBased in Milton Keynes, Lohmann Technologies has over 160 years’ experience in manufacturing technical bonding, developing, polymerising and coating adhesive solutions.

There is significant demand from UK manufacturers for cost-saving solutions to inline bonding and processing and increasing interest in the weight savings that technical adhesive tapes offer as alternative joining systems.

Key markets are automotive, electronics, security, medical, building and renewable energies, and print and graphics. Expert advice is available from the UK technical team. Logs, rolls, lamination, spools and die cuts are developed and converted locally using a variety of adhesives and specially sourced materials.

The company offers bespoke solutions, with 85% of sales tailor-made to a customer’s requirement, and manufactured locally in the UK.

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Packaging and finishing remains competitive

Reel Service Ltd_tmbProviding complete component solutions for device manufacturers, distributors, contract assembly providers and end users, Reel Service has been providing quality component packaging and finishing solutions for 31 years. Continuous re-investment in leading automated equipment maintains the company’s competitive advantage in order to provide fast, efficient tape and reel of customers’ components with minimal lead-time, it says. 

As a partner in Europe for tape and reel service and short lead-time standard and custom carrier tape, it provides SMD tape and reel, bare die / CSP tape and reel, device programming, bake and dry pack, laser marking, component lead crop and form.

It also offers all materials required to support the tape and reel process including short lead-time carrier tape (standard and custom), cover tape (hot and cold seal types), plastic reels seven, 13-, 15- and 22-inch diameters, moisture barrier bags, desiccant and humidity indicator cards.

For users looking to perform tape and reel in-house, the company also offers class-leading fully automated tape and reel equipment from semiconductor technologies and instruments (STI) for tape and reel from tube, tray, wafer / film frame or bulk / loose. Integrated inline mark quality, orientation, lead/ball geometry and surface inspection detect cosmetic defects such as scratch, chip and surface contamination.

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Lamp kit introduces electronics to students

LampKitSpecialising in the design, testing and manufacture of innovative electronic systems, RVL is based in Kent. The electronics engineering company says that the electronics it designs and manufactures provide innovative solutions in a variety of industry sectors, increase productivity and efficiency, and even save lives.

At this year’s show, it demonstrated an assembled board that a customer is currently using in an electric paint lamp kit. The kit allows users to explore how electronics work by making a lamp from scratch, without programming or other skills, making it a fun and educational gift.

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Trio showcases production and verification services

Encompass_tmbThe three technical engineering companies in the Encompass Group, Termate, kA Testing Facility and 3 Phase Design showcased their collective range of production and verification service expertise at Southern 2018.

Termate has been manufacturing electrically insulating components since 1956 in Nottingham. In the first quarter of 2018 it will add CNC fabrication. It will produce bespoke products within technical and quality assured processes and to offer support and technical guidance from a CNC prototype into full production.

kA Testing Facility is a UKAS-accredited, independent testing laboratory offering a range of product proving tests. In the first quarter of 2018 it will invest in additional test equipment to broaden its testing capabilities and offer testing services to a wider range of sectors.

3 Phase Design is a product compliance specialist. Engineers work alongside companies from the beginning of a project or enter at any point as required. It offers assistance with CE marking, understanding EU directives, understanding product standards both national and international, product development support, technical training and pre / post test inspections.

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