Steel and nickel alloy components meet international standards

FlowTechnology preview edit_tmbFlow-Technology Ltd, a UK based engineering facility in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, will again be exhibiting its wide range of stainless steel and high nickel alloy components at Northern Manufacturing 2017. The firm is a well established supplier of components to the Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cryogenic and Food industries, with an impressive track record spanning many years.

The organisation provides full traceability for its products and has held ISO9001 certification for over 24 years. With the capacity to supply one-off through to thousands, to customer drawings or standard specifications, it also keeps large stocks of products manufactured to international standards which include 10K-rated (690bar) screwed fittings, 15K rated (1035 bar) screwed fittings, 20K and 60K rated (1380 to 4138 bar) (HP-MP) fittings, BS5200 hydraulic connectors, fittings for hydraulic and PTFE hose, fittings for hygienic applications, suction and delivery hose fittings, SAE J514 (JIC) 37 degree flare type fittings, butt weld fittings and pipe, stainless steel flanges, 150lb, 3K and 6K screwed fittings and valves, coded pipework welding and project management.

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High quality cabling from prototypes to production

Nothern Mft_tmbWireco will highlight its expertise as cable harness assembly specialists at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics this week. The firm designs and manufacture wire harnesses and wiring looms as well as offering a flexible, reliable and high quality solution for bespoke cable assembly requirements.

Wireco says that its flexible approach enables it to deliver an efficient short-run service, ideal for producing R&D models (prototyping), whilst retaining the capability to go on to deliver the full production project.

From military specification wiring for aerospace, to wire and cable harnesses fitted for commercial use, Wireco offers a solution for any manufacturer of electronic or electrical systems, from simple interconnections to the most complex cable harness. The firm also specialises in wiring systems for use in extreme environments, designed to withstand water ingress and to maintain mechanical endurance.  All cable assemblies are built by an experienced team of operatives who are trained to IPC/WHMA-A-620, now widely recognised within the industry as the manufacturing standard.

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Fastening systems are mass production or small quantities

Titgemeyer preview edit_tmbCustomers of Titgemeyer (UK) range from mass production manufacturing operations, such as the automotive industry, to the local distributor who only requires small quantities. The firm will be showcasing its impressive range of fastening systems at Northern Manufacturing 2017.

Established in 1995, the UK branch is based in Tipton, West Midlands and provides fastening systems to industry and provides a complete service, from advice on the correct fastener for an application to maintenance of the installation tools.

The TIFAS LockBolt and DeltaBolt pin and collar fastening systems are innovative two-piece fastening systems have are used in structural applications that need vibration proof fasteners with high shear, tensile and clamp strength.

The range of fasteners includes structural rivets and a range of threaded inserts. There is also a range of installation tools, including battery powered options for maximum flexibility

Baker & Finnemore is also part of the Titgemeyer group. Established in 1850, the company supplies many industries with components that could either be pressed or strip-formed from steel. It is the manufacturer of the Starlock push-on fastener. It also manufactures Starpress precision pressings.

The company is approved to TS 16949:2009, OHAS18001, AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008. Through the strict control of all processes it continuously strives to achieve greater levels of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction and is proud to supply world class customers worldwide.

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Customised heat treatments earn place in aerospace

carbolite Gero preview edit_tmbIn addition to the wide range of standard products, Northern Manufacturing 2017 exhibitor Carbolite Gero is an expert in the development of customised equipment for complex heat treatment processes. Solving customers’ individual application requirements has earned it a place in aerospace, engineering, materials science, medical, bioscience and contract testing laboratories globally, says the company. It supplies products with standards-compliant furnace and oven designs (e.g., Nadcap heat treatment processes – AMS2750E), and traceable certification for control, measurement, recording and data acquisition devices, issued by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

The GPC 13/300B retort furnace  is suitable for customers involved in rapid prototyping, manufacturing one-offs or small batches using an additive manufacturing process which require heat treatments up to 1100oC. It is designed with a modified inert atmosphere for annealing and sintering of additive manufacturing applications and can be optionally fitted for compliance to AMS 2750E Class 1 (±3°C) and can also be equipped with Instrumentation type A, B, C or D. The final part the furnace has a swing door for ease of loading and unloading. The furnace continually monitors inert gas flow volumes and has forced cooling for faster cycle times.

There are two manufacturing and sales sites, one based in Derbyshire, where Carbolite has been manufacturing laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces up to 1800°C since 1938; and one in Neuhausen, Germany, where high temperature furnaces up to 3000°C with options for vacuum and other modified atmospheres have been manufactured since 1982.

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Tubular system manages stock for lean manufacturing

Tube Bracket preview edit_tmbModular ‘tube and bracket’ solutions for a range of business scenarios will be the focus of the Tube and Bracket Company’s stand at Northern Manufacturing 2017. Services include custom solution design, facilitation of lean process improvement, installation, component supply and Hoshin events.
From production lines to order picking environments, for kanban and first-in-first-out (FIFO) stock management systems, the tubular system is recognised worldwide, claims the company, as the ideal tool for successfully introducing any lean manufacturing policy. Applications include carts, trolleys, ergonomic workstations, notice boards and shelving units. All are matched exactly to production needs and are constructed quickly and inexpensively.

The company provides lean manufacturing solutions used within the kaizen continuous improvement process. Specialties are live storage, workstations, workbenches, trolleys, bespoke solutions, and kanban systems.

The stand will focus on modular and adaptable workstations, kanban (FIFO) part presentation racks and bespoke storage that help to create a highly efficient environment where everything is designed to promote efficient and ergonomic working. Team members will be able to help with advice and planning a project.

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The Learning Zone at Northern Manufacturing 2017

Exhibitions are all about discovery. But finding new suppliers and hardware is only part of what Northern Manufacturing & Electronics has to offer. Along with discovering the latest products, technologies and services, the show also gives visitors the opportunity to encounter new ideas and new approaches to managing a profitable and efficient engineering enterprise thanks to its comprehensive free technical seminar programme. A key feature of the show, the seminar programme runs over both days of the event and is open to all visitors and exhibitors. Over the last five years, hundreds of delegates have benefited from expert insights into many aspects of modern industrial enterprise, from leading-edge technology and business practices, to the latest regulations.

The programme for 2017 sees the return of several of the most popular presenters and topics of previous years, plus some new sessions on forthcoming regulations and legislation that will likely affect many engineering businesses over the course of coming year.


Advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are subjects that attract wide interest from every sector of manufacturing. Alistair Williamson, Managing Director of Manchester-based Lucid Innovation provides an introduction to how connected networks of objects offer opportunities to collect, exchange and exploit the value of data in more efficient and sustainable ways. A key takeaway from the session will be simple techniques to check whether the Internet of Things (IoT) really adds value to your business and some ideas on making the right choice of technology. Rob Pitts of leading 3D print experts, Tri-Tech 3D, will give an overview of the seemingly limitless applications that are being discovered for this new technology across all manufacturing sectors. Case studies illustrate new opportunities it could open for you.

timAs a management tool, Lean has something to offer every business wishing to eliminate waste and maximise performance. Presenter Tim Scurlock spearheaded the introduction of Lean concepts into General Motors’ business over a ten year period. Since founding his own consultancy in 2011, Tim has worked with a wide variety of manufacturing and service businesses to remove waste, standardise process and increase quality and responsiveness. Through case study examples, delegates will identify some of the methods, tools and concepts to successfully introduce Lean and the pitfalls to watch out for.

ailsaFurther insight into improving efficiency and profitability is offered by Ailsa Kaye, Managing Director of Onsite Insights. Established in 2004 around a core team drawn from the DTI’s successful 20-year Inside UK Enterprise programme, Onsite Insights delivers a range of regional and national visit programmes, events, workshops and study tours. Delegates will gain first-hand insight into the factors behind the success of some of the UK’s best companies.

The General Data Protection Regulations, which come into effect next May, will have a profound effect on how data is managed and used. Nearly all businesses will be affected in some way by the new regulations, which carry extremely severe penalties for non-compliance. Yet, over a third of UK businesses remain unaware of the new law or what they need to do. Sessions running on both days of Northern Manufacturing 2017 will attempt to address this potentially disastrous knowledge gap, briefing delegates on how different organisations will be affected and how can you make sure your company is fully prepared for the introduction of GDPR. This one session alone would make a visit to the show worthwhile!

All seminar sessions at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 are free, but we strongly urge you to pre-register to secure your place. Full details on all sessions and how to register are here

Connector and cabling is bespoke

CIE Connectivity preview editProviding a design, manufacture and stocking service to manufacturing and installation markets, CIE’s connectivity division offers bespoke connector and cabling solutions for customers’ requirements and projects. The firm will be highlighting its capabilities at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017.

The connectivity team is committed to fully understanding the individual needs of each customer and to providing exemplary service and the highest quality cable and connector products.

As well as a significant UK stock holding of professional connector products from companies such as Switchcraft and EDAC, it also offers Custom Connectivity service and supply.

Using a global network of sourcing, supply and manufacturing partners, the company works closely with customers to fully understand each project, to ensure that the solution delivers on-specification, on-time and on-budget.

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Advice for corporation tax

Mewburn Ellis - preview edit_tmbWould you like to reduce the corporation tax you pay? Mewburn Ellis invites visitors to Northern Manufacturing 2017 to learn more about a UK Government tax relief initiative designed to help if you are developing or improving a new product or process, including creating new software.

You could be eligible to halve your corporation tax to 10% on worldwide profits derived from sales or use of these new or improved products and processes.  This initiative is different to the R&D tax credits that you may already know about, counsels the company, which has extensive experience working with start-ups and SMEs in the manufacturing, technology, software and electronic engineering sectors, protecting, exploiting and managing companies’ valuable assets.

Visit Mewburn Ellis at Stand F79 or find out more at

Point of sale expertise on show

fastrakNorthern Manufacturing 2017 exhibitor Fastrak Retail is an industry expert in retail Point of Sale (POS) design and construction. The firm offers in-depth knowledge of every aspect of POS design and manufacturing processes, including prototyping, toolmaking, plastic injection moulding, print and metal fabrication. 

Fastrak Retail bases its approach on a ‘most appropriate’ manufacturing philosophy, designed to tailor a solution in line with its customer’s needs, whether they be creative, commercial, process or lead-time driven.  The unique combination of talented designers with many years of experience in POS and a fully-equipped engineering production team in-house means the firm can deliver a truly dynamic bespoke solution to any POS challenge.

Fastrak Retail is an international business with presences in the UK, Asia, Australasia and the USA, making it ideally positioned to support all types of businesses, from global brands to local companies. Visitors to Northern Manufacturing 2017 are invited to come and meet with Fastrak Retail and find out more about what this highly creative manufacturer has to offer.

Meet Fastrak Retail on stand B19 or go to

International view to sourcing and purchasing

Darian preview edit_tmbMany companies are now faced with constant pressures to reduce manufacturing costs in a climate of ever increasing costs and lower margins. This has led to a growing realisation within the manufacturing sector that in order to survive and succeed they have to look to outsourcing production. Darian was established in 1986, and claims it has been at the forefront of international global sourcing ever since. Exhibiting at this year’s Northern Manufacturing show, it supplies a wide range of custom manufactured components to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the UK and Germany.

The company specialises in the supply of castings, CNC machining, pressings, stampings and fabrications as component parts or sub-assemblies.

There are various locations across Europe, India and the Far East, and locally employed staff to support the activities of the UK-based head office.

Outsourcing purchasing provides benefits such as consistent high quality, reliable supply at significantly reduced cost, while at the same time avoiding quality issues, language barriers, unreliable supply, differences in business culture and multi-currency handling, say the company.

A strategic supply partner has made recent investments of three million euros in new pressing lines to increase capacity: 10 hydraulic and mechanical presses with pressing strengths between 63 and 1000 tonnes with automatic feed.

There are also bending, rolling and flanging, modern welding facilities and electrostatic painting booths with an annual capacity of 190,000m2. CNC machining facilities mean that fully finished fabrications can be supplied. Fabrications in steel, stainless steel and aluminium can be supplied and the company has recently been awarded ISO TS 16949.

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