Toughened acrylic adhesive range is expanded

Permabond preview edit_tmbA range of thermally conductive adhesives, including a toughened acrylic adhesive for applications such as bonding heat sink fins to transformers, and a flexible epoxy hybrid will be demonstrated by Permabond at Northern Manufacturing 2017.

The company manufactures engineering adhesives for potting and encapsulation of electrical components, bonding heat sinks, magnets/ferrites to rotors and housings for electric motors, electrical transformers components, sealing transformer laminates, coating coils, wire tacking and attaching electronic dies.

Its adhesives have been formulated to maximise strength and impact resistance, as well as optimise thermal conductivity and withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. Many products pass the UL94-V-0 flame retardancy testing and comply with class H thermal resistance requirements. Non-corrosive formulations are available for sensitive electronics.

In addition to electronics and electric motor applications, adhesives are also provided for industries as diverse as composites, filters, medical devices, heat exchangers, lighting, aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and maintenance and repair.

The toughened acrylic range of adhesives has recently been expanded to include polyolefin bonders -TA4605 and TA4610 – for environmental resistance, and can be used under water; low odour – TA452 and TA4522 – providing low odour structural bonding with rapid strength development for workplaces where ventilation is difficult or staff are sensitive to smells; ultimate strength – TA4202 – a popular pink/green structural bonder, characterised by fast cure, high strength and structural performance; and TA4204 and TA4205 – crystal clear, non-yellowing structural adhesives for bonding clear plastics and other materials, where aesthetics are important.

Bring your components with you to the show, if possible, for the technical team to make the best adhesive recommendation.

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25 years on and diversification brings new markets

LCL Electronics preview edit_tmb2017 sees Northern Electronics exhibitor, LCL Electronics, celebrate its 25th anniversary. The contract electronics manufacturer offers turnkey manufacturing, including design and prototype, small batch assembly, pre-production and medium-large volumes of PCBs, product build and cable harnessing.

The company is growing and diversifying into new markets such as leisure, education, energy, food processing and entertainment. It still operates in more traditional markets, including fire safety, gaming, automotive, audio and medical, where its quality and reliability is proven.

LEDs are still proving strong in electronics production. As they become smaller and more sophisticated, so the production and technology used needs to adapt, something that the experienced manufacturer has the skills, equipment and technology to do.

It claims to have the ability to achieve higher yields than other contract manufacturers, coupled with a technical team with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the LED assembly and production process.

Located at the heart of the country, in the Midlands, the company can help customers from the start of an initial product design through to testing and delivery, on-time and to budget. In addition, its global purchasing expertise can drive down component cost, which coupled with its technical capabilities, can lead to a reduction in time and cost.

Working to BSI ISO 9001:2008 accreditations and producing RoHS-compliant products, manufacturing and production benefits include reduced operating costs, freeing up of internal resources, allowing for fewer vendors to manage, reducing inventory and accelerating time-to-market.

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Advances in technology reduce set-up and turnaround times

Amada-preview-edit_tmbExhibiting once again at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics, Amada will show advances in both standalone press brake technology, automated press brake technology and supporting software, that have “vastly reduced” daily set-up times, with rapid turnaround between jobs.

Built on the solid foundation of the HFE series, the HFE3i 1003 press brake includes additional production-enhancing features and an innovative touch-screen AMNC 3i interface. An 18.5-inch multi-touch display offers multiple modes of data entry (angle, depth, 2D and 3D) for programming flexibility. A user-friendly graphic interface and tool library assist operators in the quick set-up of complicated parts.

Also on the stand will be the HG-ATC. The company engineered this for variable lot sizes and difficult tool layouts. The automatic tool changer (ATC) can load even the most complex tool layout within three minutes, and allows operators of varied experience levels to efficiently use this bending system.

The company’s software meets challenges of today’s global environment, where companies are facing the competitive challenge of analysing and converting engineering data into business-critical information for a faster time to market. The software enables customers to collect and easily access large volumes of data. There is a suite of software products available that is integrated and focused on applications for the sheet metal industry.

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Rotatable connections from Lemo

Lemo preview edit_tmbAt this year’s Northern Manufacturing & Electronics, Lemo (UK) will exhibit the high performance Anglissimo range of rotatable, right-angled connectors. This versatile range of push-pull connectors offers users the ability to configure cable exit angles during installation and therefore can minimise system costs with simplified assembly and a consolidation of the connector variants required.

Besides exhibiting its new additions to its interconnect portfolio, the company will also be showcasing an overview of its recently expanded cable assembly design and manufacturing capabilities. This service includes the design of complex cable assemblies requiring the precise termination of a vast array of cable and wire types including fibre optics, for use in harsh environments were failure or even signal degradation cannot be tolerated.

Along with the latest products and services available, will be demonstrations of the latest breakthrough technologies available from the group, which include the NiCorAl – plated interconnection products – an awarding-winning, high performance, true alternative to cadmium surface treatment.

Lemo UK’s cable manufacturer, Northwire, will also be on hand to highlight its BioCompatic II cable for medical applications.

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Yamazaki Mazak brings 5-axis machining to life at Northern Manufacturing 17

3Exhibiting from their VARIAXIS range, Mazak will have a multi-tasking machine in live cutting action on stand throughout the show.

Designed for multi-surface machining, Mazak says the VARIAXIS range delivers high-accuracy and high speed productivity with fast set-up and minimum floor space requirement.

Mazak has a long history of providing advanced manufacturing solutions to the UK’s manufacturing base, in particular the aerospace sector which is very strong in the North of England and demands the highest levels performance, productivity and accuracy. From this, Mazak comments that it believes the Northern Manufacturing & Electronics show is the ideal platform to showcase its machines’ capabilities.

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New DIN rail mounting terminal blocks from CamdenBoss

P4542 - CamdenBoss launches DIN Rail Mounting Terminal Blocks-TMBPerformance engineered interconnection and enclosures specialist, CamdenBoss, has launched a new range of high-quality rising clamp DIN Rail mounting terminal blocks that provide a quick and effective means of making pluggable connections into DIN Rail enclosures while saving valuable PCB real estate inside the enclosure.

With the growth of electronics and electrical applications making use of DIN Rail mounting systems, the need for inventive interconnection solutions is greater than ever. Traditionally, connections to units mounted on a DIN Rail would be made using PCB mounted terminal blocks or by DIN Rail mounted terminations. In systems where connections are made to DIN Rail systems that require periodic disconnection (e.g. for replacement, maintenance or updating purposes), this has previously required PCB or chassis mounted pluggable terminal blocks to be housed within the DIN Rail enclosure eating into precious space and PCB real estate.

By using DIN Rail mounting terminal blocks, customers can make connections independently of the various DIN Rail units within a given system. As well as giving installers the flexibility of being able to place the DIN Rail terminal blocks anywhere on the rail, CamdenBoss says its new range also possesses another unique feature: the ability to unclip and reverse the orientation of the terminal block if necessary. This means that the installation can be rearranged for easier access once complete – a big advantage particularly during field installations – and ensures that easy access is retained even in the most cramped of applications even if units are added later.

Fitting terminal blocks to the DIN Rail is straightforward – two mounting adaptors are simply clipped into place where required and the terminal block clips onto these with a positive click to hold them firmly. Reversing the terminal block is equally simple: by applying pressure to the two clips, the terminal block can be removed by sliding upwards.

The CamdenBoss CTBPD96 range of DIN Rail mounting terminal blocks is available in 5mm and 5.08mm pitch versions in both flanged and non-flanged options from 6 to 24 poles. Both vertically- and horizontally-oriented versions are available and the DIN Rail mount is compatible with both 35mm top hat and 32mm G-rail as standard. Applications include lighting controllers, building management systems, energy management, power supplies, heating and air conditioning controllers, civil and industrial electrical installations and telecommunications.

CamdenBoss also offers a wide range of associated ancillary components for DIN Rail applications including pluggable terminal blocks to match the DIN Rail mounted connectors and a comprehensive range of DIN Rail mounted enclosures.

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Ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic cleaning meets military standards

William Hughes review edit_tmbCritical components can be cleaned to the most demanding quality standards, approvals and specifications, says William Hughes. The specialist manufacturer of springs and bent wire components for the global automotive and aerospace industries now offers an expanded range of ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic cleaning techniques for critical components to the highest international and governmental approval standards. These include military and electronics specification components for applications that include LOX, oxygen critical parts and hydraulic hoses.

Following investment in a new 80m² Class 7 cleanroom, constructed in accordance with IS0 14644-1, the specialist cleaning services are for critical components where contamination could result in a chemical reaction, an explosion and/or a total system or device failure.

The cleanroom’s open plan layout provides product optimum flow based on the latest lean manufacturing methodologies and high-grade stainless steel fittings help minimise particulate levels. An inspection darkroom enables critical components such as high precision machined components, springs and other parts that go into oxygen equipment, such as breathing apparatus face masks and ducting, to be inspected under ultra-violet light. Cleaned items are placed in hermetically sealed bags that will not be opened again until required for further processing, such as assembly.

The company offers a range of cleaning services to ensure compatibility with the part being processed to prevent damage, including solvent cleaning – used mainly for metallic items, aqueous cleaning for non-metallics such as rubbers or plastics or when combined with metal in, for example, a flexible coupling hose. Parts and components can also be degreased using a variety of ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic methods.

An automated passivation plant performs ‘fluid transfer’ – moving chemical solutions from holding tanks into the main processing unit as required, helping to prevent damage as parts do not move. Inspection techniques include visual, ultraviolet, microscope, endoscope and probe light. There is also assistance for the design and manufacture of specialised packaging for commercial or industrial manufactured products. Quality systems to AS 9100, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 also include military, defence and aerospace specifications.

The specialist provider of sub-contract, specialised cleaning, finishing and passivation services, caters for the aerospace, defence, nuclear, oil and gas, medical and electronics industries where precision cleaning for parts and assemblies is an essential part of the production process.

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Simplicity is key for Hurco

Hurco 1174-1_tmbHurco showcased the simplicity of operation of its proprietary Max 5 control for all types of machining operations at Southern Manufacturing 2017. The CNC system, which runs the latest WinMax software, is intended for graphical, menu-based, conversational programming but is equally capable of handling NC code. Customers can now take delivery of a single-screen control, which comes as standard with entry-level VM-series machining centres, and upgrade it later to a twin-screen version with a hinged auxiliary screen. The operator can then view images of a part as it is being created or monitor a machining process while the next job is being programmed.

Further benefits derive from the control now being an integral part of the machine, coupled with the ability to retract the QWERTY keyboard, drop the keypad from horizontal to vertical, close the auxiliary screen if fitted and swing the whole control assembly flush to the front of the machine.
One of the exhibits at Southern Manufacturing was the compact Hurco VM10Ui 5-axis machining centre with a working volume of 533 x 406 x 483 mm. Demonstrations showed how quickly and easily 5-sided components can be programmed directly at the Max 5 control using the standard conversational software. The manufacturer‘s Transform Plane facility allows all five sides to be input as simple, 2D profiles which are then rotated to the relevant face. The flexibility of the Max 5 control was further underlined by showing simultaneous 5-axis programs being loaded from a selection of different CAM systems.

Also highlighted was the Hurco TM6i 2-axis CNC lathe. It turns parts up to 316 mm in diameter, 340 mm long, and is well suited to bar work up to 45 mm diameter. The performance of this compact, accurate turning machine is complemented by the Max 5 control, says the firm, using simple, easy-to-follow graphics to guide the user through all operations and tooling options. The slant-bed lathe is supplied as standard with a 6-inch hydraulic three-jaw chuck, parts catcher, swarf conveyor and vouchers for MacInnes coolant and lubricants, plus £1,000 worth of Kyocera tooling.

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Automation focus for Bystronic

Bystronic 1060-1_tmbCentre of attention on the Bystronic stand at Southern 2017 was the Xpert 40 press brake. The one-metre / 40-tonne capacity machine is the Swiss company‘s smallest press brake, and one of its fastest selling; over 300 have been sold worldwide in the last two years, 26 of them in Britain and Ireland.

Of particular interest at Southern Manufacturing was the new Mobile Bending Robot available for feeding the Xpert 40, turning it into a compact, automated bending cell for producing 3D sheet metal components. The automation module is wheeled in front of the press brake and simply interfaced to it in a plug-and-play arrangement. In a matter of minutes, users can set up the robotics and load sheet metal blanks for bending.

Programming is carried out conveniently offline and ByVision Bending software allows data to be imported without interrupting the job currently in progress. The result is a cell with a high degree of process reliability that lends itself well to minimally-attended, multi-shift operation.

Retro-fittable to any Xpert 40 press brake in the field, Mobile Bending Robot allows automatic production for larger runs of components, yet rapid access for manual bending of smaller batches and one-offs by quickly setting the robot module aside. All quantities can therefore be produced as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, ideal for subcontractors and other shops where order quantities are unpredictable.

An interesting feature of the cell is that, as the automation module is on wheels and the press brake itself is small enough to be moved by fork lift truck, the entire assembly can be relocated anywhere in a factory to suit variable production needs.

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British PCB manufacturer continues to invest

150819_n0094_tmbPCB manufacturer, EuroTech, used its presence at Southern Electronics 2017 to highlight the significant growth it has achieved over the last year.

Since Southern 2016, EuroTech has continued its £2m investment programme in machinery and equipment. This investment focuses on fine-line and thin core technology and will enable to company to process ever-thinner layers at their AS9100C accredited facility in the UK.

After the successful installation of a new £250,000 bond preparation line in 2016, this year will see the installation of a new inner layer develop-etch-strip line. The company have also invested in lean manufacturing training for all staff, ensuring that the company reduces waste and improves efficiency. Across the 16 projects completed so far, the company says that the impacts in reducing unnecessary costs, saving unproductive time, improving customer service and reducing the company’s carbon footprint have been huge.

Operating from a purpose-built factory in Exmouth, Devon, EuroTech combines expertise, over 50 years of experience and the latest high-tech equipment. Its UK and offshore portfolio includes multilayers up to 48 layers, buried and blind vias, HDI, fine line and small hole technology. With lead times from 24 hours, its FastTrack service includes full front-end engineering, 100% electrical testing and quality inspection.

Managing Director, David Douglas commented: “We see Southern as an opportunity to showcase our expertise, experience and enthusiasm for UK manufacturing and innovation in the industry.

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