PCB assembly has 24-hour turnaround

Quick Circuits review edit_tmb Small and medium volumes of manufacturing and assembling PCBs on a 24-hour turnaround are supported by Southern Electronics exhibitor Quick Circuits.

The company meets 24-hour notice for production, producing boards up to 36 layers, using RF signal, Rogers and other performance related, high frequency and high temperature materials.

The company is ISO9001-certified and UL 94V-0 approval. Assembly work includes manual and automated placement up from µBGAS and SM 0201-size components



Your partners in design

Claiming to provide a more flexible and cost effective option to engineering and project managers, Partner Electronics provides additional resource and skills to complete companies’ projects.

Partner Review Edit_tmb The company was formed in 2007 by a group of experienced engineers who sought to provide an innovative resource to engineering teams. The team has many years’ experience taking products from concept through to production.

Specialist areas include: design and development of electronic hardware; analogue and RF circuit and system design; sensor and instrumentation design; optoelectronics, including semiconductor lasers, modulators and detectors; digital, high speed, and gigabit transmitters and receivers; microcontroller, DSP and embedded computers; embedded software, firmware and logic design using FPGA and CPLD; iPhone apps and accessory development; software development including VB.NET, C++ and C#; battery management and power supplies and Bluetooth Low Energy.


30 years of plastics experience at your fingertips

Technical and sales staff from Plastribution, a leading distributor of plastics raw materials, were on hand at Southern Manufacturing 2014 providing visitors with the very latest product information and innovations from the UK plastics industry.

plas_tmb With over 30 years experience, Plastribution is a distributor of thermoplastic raw materials for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding industries. Sourced globally from a range of major petrochemical producers, the company supplies a full range of polyolefin’s, styrenics, engineering polymers, specialities, masterbatches and custom compounds for a range of industries and markets, including packaging, construction, automotive, medical, industrial electronic and electrical applications.

Plastribution’s Dan Jarvis commented: “Exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2014 provided an opportunity to advise and educate on the vital role our industry plays in the ongoing recovery of our economy. Plastics are amazing materials and a strategic asset in our manufacturing capabilities. They can be used in many demanding applications, often at lower weight and at reduced manufacturing costs.”

LED lighting targets small to medium volumes

Designed for LCD illumination, imaging, indication and signage applications, OMC believes that its Profiled backlight series is the only viable LED backlight available for small to medium volume bespoke backlighting.

OMC Review edit_tmb The company’s manufacturing techniques allow any quantity – from one-off to tens of thousands – to be manufactured cost-effectively. Samples can be turned around in just five working days, and set-up costs start at £50 for bespoke shapes and sizes.

The company offers the Lightguide Finish, a panel with a Royale lightguide finish which uses a proprietary active backing layer to enhance the illumination and increase brightness. A Standard finish is suitable for neutral displays or lower ambient light levels.

The compay invented the side-firing backlight emitter; its side-firing emitters can illuminate backlights in a range of colours and brightness levels. Many emitters are available in both dual chip and single chip versions. Single chip LEDs are useful when voltage is limited, such as battery powered or USB operated devices. A 4pin dual-chip emitter is now available, enabling the LED chips to be configured in series, allowing dual-chip blue and white devices to be powered from a 5V supply.


High quality at low prices

China outsourcing review edit_tmb Southern Electronics exhibitor China Outsourcing says it provides access to Chinese prices whilst eliminating the quality and financial risks. The company specialises in the procurement of metal and plastic components and assemblies from China. Capabilities include precision machining, casting, forging, fabrication, assembly and injection moulding.  Customers place their orders directly at its UK office for processing at the company’s headquarters in Beijing. Further offices and inspection facilities in Chengdu and Ningbo ensure a high standard of quality.


Full range of test solutions from Aspen Electronics

Southern Electronics 2014 exhibitor, Aspen, helps customers qualify products, during R&D and production. InifiniiVision 4000 X-SeriesThe company supplies handheld and bench-top oscilloscopes, offering more than 120 models from 20MHz to 1.5GHz; single, two or four-channel; analogue, digital and mixed signal models. Industry specific application options, such as decode software for CAN bus, I²C, I²S, MIL-STD-1553 and SPI can be added. It also offers handheld and bench-top power analysers, LCR and multimeters, thermal imagers, electrical safety testers and EMC measurement. It also offers DAQs, bench test power supplies/analysers, precision source measurement units, DC power analysers; programmable linear power supplies, DC programmable high power high density supplies, modular power supplies and MIL-STD-704/DO-160 avionics test AC and DC sources; spectrum analysers; GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo) simulators; Securesync timing and Geo-iNAV inertial navigation and positioning solutions from Agilent, Anritsu, Bird, GW Instek, Spectracom , Tabor, TDK-Lambda and PuissancePlus.

The company also supplies specialist components, ranging from VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO and OCXO from a number of suppliers to coaxial connectors/adaptors/cables, high-capacitance multi-layer capacitors, ceramic trimmer capacitors and thick film heaters.


The place to go to get completely wired

SIC-tmb In addition to wiring harnesses and looms ranging from 25mm interface connections to 25m trailer wiring looms, Southern Manufacturing exhibitor SIC moves up the supply chain to control panel assembly and full machine build.

Box build encompasses everything from small plastic enclosures to major control panels. Responsibility for procurement of all internals components including PCBs and sub-assemblies is taken on board.

The company is certified to ISO 14001. Its customer base spans small niche start-ups to major international high volume users.


Celebrating half century of precision engineering

Ottaway_tmb Ottaway Engineering says it has been at the cutting edge of precision engineering since 1964. Describing itself as a technologically progressive contract manufacturing company it says tight tolerances are welcomed and wherever suitable it will employ One-Hit Manufacturing techniques on our high-end multi-axis machine tools.

This service is traceable and produced under the AS 9100 Rev C approved Quality Assurance System.


Specialist plating includes nickel finishes

Twickenham Plating Group Review-edit Black zinc nickel and electro-less nickel (medium and high-phosphorous) finishes were highlighted by Twickenham Plating Group (TPG) at Southern Manufacturing 2014. The company provides specialist technical plating services for electronics, telecommunication, aerospace, automotive and military applications.

Services include selective gold plating, reel to reel plating, and barrel/vat/rack plating. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, and a design and engineering team is on hand to assist with product design to ensure that manufactured products meet each customer’s exacting requirements cost effectively.

Black zinc nickel (illustrated) is an alternative to cadmium, compatible with other connector coatings, when a sacrificial coating is required on connector shells and accessories. It has a black non-reflective finish, lower toxicity of process and electro deposit, excellent corrosion resistance on aluminium connector shells even when cross mated to cadmium plated items, and ASTM B841 conformity.

High-phosphorous electro-less nickel coatings exhibit superior performance in many engineering and functional applications, such as corrosion performance in hostile environments, non-magnetic coating, good lubricity, wear and abrasion resistance, amorphous coating with inherent low porosity at thickness up to 10µm, says the company. The compressive stress results in minimal metal fatigue, and AMS-C- 26074 and AMS 2404 conformity.


Moulding technology is low-pressure, low-cost

Techsil-Review-edit_tmb Midway between high pressure short cycle time processes for mass production and gravity-fed long cycle time processes for small runs and prototyping, the OverTec low pressure moulding system seals and protects electrical and electronic components.

The components are placed in the low cost tooling and the OverTec 5 FR resin sticks are loaded into the OverTec 820-15 glue gun and allowed to reach operating temperature before use, resulting in a simple and clean process with fast cycle times, claims Techsil.

Applications are electrical component encapsulation, connector potting, overmoulding PCBs, making electric cable glands, providing strain relief on cables, and protecting sensors.

According to the company, parts can be handled direct, and fragile or delicate components can be encapsulated with no risk of damage.

Upper temp resistance is 135̊C, low temp flexibility of -10̊C, with adhesion to substrates such as PCBs and PVC.