JLF Manufacturing: a long-established firm with an eye to the future

CLUTCH3A leading UK presswork manufacturer JLF Manufacturing has been supplying precision made metal parts and welded assemblies for over 90 years. Drawing on its deep experience in a comprehensive range of general and precision presswork, welded assemblies, deep drawn pressings, automotive sumps, ball floats and bubble caps, it is able to understanding the demands of a diverse range of manufacturing sectors and provide solutions to a range of cross-sector customers. JLF operates to the highest standards of quality control throughout its processes and has invested significantly in presses, tool room and people.

Having an in-house tool room the firm can produce hard tooling for new projects, as well as adapting and repairing existing tooling for ongoing production runs. From assistance with the initial drawings, through to production, assembly, finishing and delivery, JLF can assist with most presswork and component requirements.

Offering several advantages when compared to alternative manufacturing methods such as press braked parts, JLF say’s that its presswork is the ideal solution for producing medium to high runs of metal parts and components, offering both cost-savings and increased precision. With the capability to produce a range of pressed products from basic pressings through to complex welded assemblies and fabrications, JLF has considerable experience working across many sectors, including automotive, white goods, yellow goods and more.

JLF’s large manufacturing facility offers a wide selection of presses ranging from 30 to 500 tonnes – largest bed size 2.7m x 1.5m. Operational abilities include blanking, forming, piercing and deep drawing in all types, grades and size of materials.

For more information, visit https://jlfmanufacturing.com/


X-series becomes CamdenBoss’ toughest enclosure range

P1855 X-series marketing imageCamdenBoss has extended its range of robust enclosure options with the new X-Series. The X8, X7 and X6 series are now CamdenBoss’ most robust electrical enclosures with IK09 impact resistance rating. Together with IP66/67 class sealing, the X-series is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as control panels, junction boxes and distribution boards.

Each series is available in either polycarbonate or ABS. Polycarbonate is UV-light resistant, when exposed to the sun, the enclosure is less likely to appear faded and worn over time. ABS is a cost effective option for indoor use without compromising on quality. Both polycarbonate and ABS have identical quality ratings.

The firm says the design of  its X8 series is particularly noteworthy; Available in 16 sizes, the enclosure is fitted with a hinged lid. This type of lid provides easy access into the enclosure, without removing any screws. The lid latches can be fastened securely with a padlock or, for increased security, the lock accessory can be added. For control panels, the dual door allows direct access to the control panel without struggling with screws or latches. The dual door is perfect for utilising CamdenBoss’ 22mm pushbutton switches and E-stops, which can be mounted within the enclosure.For DIN Rail modules, the X8 series can have inspection windows CNC machined in-house to a customer’s individual specification for a fully bespoke solution. 

The X7 series features 12 different sizes with rigid corners, the series embodies strength and is strong enough to deal with any heavy knock, even a forklift clash. Featuring brass inserts, they can be accessorised with PCB and other component mount options such as steel mounting plates and for keeping it cool against the heat, two sizes of vents are available in polycarbonate and ABS.

Hassle-free enclosure knockouts are an important feature of the X6 series, these are industry-sized and provide effortless entries for cables. There are 10 sizes available in this series, each enclosure is fully customisable with steel mounting plates, wall/surfaces mounting brackets and quick release screws. The series also features polarised lids, with a choice of solid grey or transparent.

For more information on the new X-series, and the huge range of other solutions available from CamdenBoss, visit  www.camdenboss.com

Flexible approach serves demanding industries

banner-02_cropPhase One Electronics has been providing CEM services since 1988 for a diverse range of industries which include marine, medical, military, leak and gas detection, automotive and communications. It is certified to J-STD-001 and builds to IPC-A-610.

The company prides itself on the quality of workmanship and customer service, and has grown organically over the years mainly through recommendations. It specialises in small to medium batch builds. Its flexible approach provides surface mount and conventional PCB assembly with AOI capabilities, from prototype to production

Whether it is cable assemblies, box build or test, the company is always ready to listen and help.


International supply for castings

case-study_rolesSpecialising in investment casting for over 70 years, Polycast, has grown into a supplier of quality metal components. Its head office and foundry are on the south coast of Hampshire and it has engineering teams in India and China, to provide cost-effective manufacturing.

The company can work with partners to supply everything from rapid prototypes, using the new print and cast solution to mass production, from cast blank castings to fully finished machined, treated and coated components.

It sources metal components using many different methods and is currently shipping sand castings, forgings, metal injection moulded and machined from solid parts, from India and high and low pressure die casting from China.
Casting and finished parts are exported around the world including central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Central and North America. All projects are managed from the UK in conjunction with teams in the country, from single item to mass-production and to meet budgets and time scales.


Air management system heralds Industry 4.0

bcs_global_hero-image-310x380Operators can manage, optimise and improved compressed air-based services, using a cloud-based, air management plaform from Gardner Denver. The CompAir iConn is available through distributor BCAS. It delivers advanced analytics, which enable operators to stay in control of their installation. The system can provide historic, real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics, enabling users to rectify potential issues before they happen.

Users can monitor compressor performance from a single location, via a mobile device, tablet or PC. It helps minimise fault incidences for increased uptime, and also provides detailed machine parameters and over-time trend analysis to enable plant managers to optimise system performance.

Compressor or ancillary asset data can be transferred securely via GSM, Ethernet or Wi-Fi to a range of connected devices. The secure cloud-based services allow users to view real-time analytics or access data via open application programmable interfaces (APIs).

For entry level installations, there is iConn Assess, which provides a detailed overview of compressor system performance, helping operators to view and analyse key operating data online and take action to rectify any potential issues.

iConn Protect features a predictive maintenance-scheduling tool, which notifies the customer of any anticipated machine faults and enables service to be scheduled in advanced.

iConn Manage offers an insight into compressor performance, and a 24/7 service option, providing advanced analytics, remote monitoring and efficiency audits.

Available as standard on new CompAir machines, it can also be retrofitted to compressor installations. The system will also support ancillary and non-Gardner Denver-based products.


Plastics moulder manages stock supply

JSP_BM_087Specialist plastic moulder, Broanmain Plastics, used Southern Manufacturing 2018 to exhibit the benefits of a full, Kanban, just in time (JIT) supply system. The company works in supply chain partnerships with its customers and currently supplies 50% of its deliveries straight from stock holding.

To ensure production efficiency or to overcome space limitations, it is able to receive orders for high volumes of parts and supply small, regular volumes to the customer, invoicing at the time of delivery.

The company offers a full end-to-end service and supports customers from prototype stage through to high volume production runs.

It specialises in thermoplastic injection, vacuum forming, thermosetting injection, compression and transfer moulding, providing a personal service for a range of industries, including electronics, aerospace, defence, science and consumer goods.


Catch up with Southern 2018

Even three days wasn’t really enough to see all that Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2018 had to offer. But if there were firms or products you missed, you have another chance to catch up with many of the exhibitors of the UK’s top regional manufacturing show. Click below to read the official Show Review for 2018 – it’s free to read, to share and download

. Review Cover

Celebrating 70 years of spring in the UK

European Springs & Pressings review_tmbThis year, European Springs & Pressings celebrates its 70th anniversary. The spring and pressing manufacturer has factories in London and Cornwall, a sales office in Northern Ireland and a stocking facility in Yorkshire and engineering expertise in the spring coiling, wire forming and pressing industries.

Stuart McSheehy, managing director of the Beckenham factory (pictured), believes the company distinguishes itself through the ability to cover a variety of disciplines. “We manufacture tension, torsion and compression springs with diameters from 0.03 to 65mm, pressings and multi-slides up to 130 tonnes and have an unlimited design spectrum of wire forms,” he says. “We have stamping, coiling, multi-slide, heavy coiling, high speed stamping and assembly facilities, as well as both high and low volume production capabilities.”

Customers range from blue-chip organisations to specialist, niche companies, demonstrating a broad market reach, with a service tailored to specific needs.


Laser experience moves into new areas

motor-lamination_tmbChallenging traditional etching, electro-forming, wire erosion and stamping processes are the stock in-trade for Tannlin. The firm specialises in custom-built laser systems and laser processing precision parts, using the speed and accuracy of a custom built laser machine. Using 20 years’ of experience in building laser processing machines with the capability to cut micron accurate stencils for the electronics industry, the company has branched into a myriad of new applications.

Micron-accurate laser processing is flexible, wear-free and can eliminate finishing processes associated with other technologies. In many cases, the company reports solving problems for customers that no other technology can.

A team of multi-disciplinary engineers can design and build to specific requirements, whatever the laser processing field. The facility has a flexible in-house capability to laser process custom precision parts for a one-stop capability, encompassing design, material sourcing, production fixturing, laser cutting, first article inspection and measurement, using the in-house CMM and SEM facilities.

Find out more at http://www.tannlin.com

Fabrication shop is created to support Bloodhound test runs

Bott review_tmbThe Bloodhound world land speed record attempt has been supported by Bott from its earliest days, with products installed in the car assembly workshop in Bristol. The company believes this project is crucial in inspiring future generations of UK engineers.

Clive Woodward, CEO, said: “This program has successfully reignited the pioneering passion that drove Britain’s engineers to lead the world in the 19th and 20th centuries . . . This project is more than just breaking records, it is about setting new positive perspectives for our society,” he added.

The latest milestone was the recent test runs at Cornwall Newquay Airport. After a month of testing the integration of the EJ200 jet engine, the steering, brakes, suspension, data systems and other functions, the Bloodhound car blasted down the 1.7m long runway, hitting a peak speed of 210mph in just eight seconds!

In the build-up to the test runs, the team set up a temporary workshop inside a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS) on the edge of the airport. A number of Bott products were relocated to replicate workshop facilities at the technical centre in Bristol. Using benches and mobile drawer cabinets, the Bloodhound engineers created mechanical systems bays around the car and a fabrication shop, supporting minor repairs and adjustments for pre/post run engineering checks. Large cupboards and cabinets provided safe storage facilities for critical equipment such as the steering wheel, cockpit canopy and car wheels.

The next stage of the project is in the South African desert.

Find out more at http://www.bottltd.co.uk